Allow me to disagree with me.  Scenarios that would upend my predictions.

Autodraft wins 8-7.  (How it could happen) Stevie Strikes rolls 276-300-256 series for all three top points and three overall points.  Barry Violet channels his inner ultimate player to roll 189-173-183, and Chernobes regains her touch to average 150.  Hot Sauce has one too many Jamo’s shots, and La Gatita has a game with 5 splits.

Drive Thrus win 8-7. (How it could happen) Cheddar gets his groove back, averages a 220 and beats Gutterboy three straight.  Double Cheese rolls 187-221-190 to take all three from Nuber One.  Invisible Hand shakes off last week’s benching to beat Rufio 2 out of three, then quits the team before the finals.

Finals: Steve rolls another 300, Barry Violet gets nasty with a 244-169-198, and Lt. Striker has the game of his life, edging Double Cheese 206-203 in game 2.

Or, more likely, my original set of predictions are right.

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