Thursday Lines

ANNOUNCING A NEW BoPo SPECIAL: TEAM SHOTS, 6 for the price of 5!

Early Games

#18 B.U.I. (2-1) -3 vs #16 Happy Hands (3-0): B.U.I. rebounded nicely after letting a win over TDYOB slip away in the last frame.  Now they get another shot at an unbeaten team.  The Hands are riding high with their best start in franchise history.  Marv has been golden, and now they are due for a big game from Sasha Northfield.  This would be their biggest win to date if they could pull it off.

Roll Another (1-1) -1 vs ICBING (1-2): ICBING is coming off their first win but it was against a team that wasn’t being friendly or having fun.  Roll Another will be quietly friendly and having quiet fun, so ICBING may not have the focus to pull this one out.  Roll Another has had two weeks to think about their loss and are likely out for redemption.  Should be a nailbiter.

#5 Yay! (3-0) -7 vs #20 Wrecking Balls (2-1): This looks like a gimme for Yay, as the Wreck will be without top bowler Swing again.  The Dude picked up his game a bit last week, and Clark showed improvement, but Yay! rolls too many decent bowlers to have any weak spots against them.    Ralphie has been quiet…too quiet.

Guacabowle (1-2) -3 vs Balls of Fury (0-2): Guacabowle is only in their first year, but seem a bit ahead of 2nd year Balls of Fury in terms of getting the BoPo spirit.  This will be a good chance for the Furious ones to get that shine back, let loose, and have a few laughs.

Late Games

#17 Sweet Rolls (2-1) -11 vs Goldilocks (0-2): Rough start for the Goldilocks with just one point in two games but they’ve had a week off to lick their wounds and get their heads right.  Tough draw for them after the bye week with Sweet Rolls, however, as the sugary crew are starting to get hot.  Caramelize!

#4 Guns of Brighton (3-0) -5 vs Snakes On A Lane (1-2): It’s been a big week for Mr. Pickles, putting up his first league 00 to lead his team to victory, then tying for bowler of the week with a 236.  Let’s see if Thursday’s new top dawg keeps it up.  He faces a hard to figure Snakes squad that got smoked by TDYOB last week, but seem better than their record.  Too many Dr.s on that team not to heal themselves.

Lesbowlians (0-3) -5 vs Madbotts (0-3): Someone’s getting a win!  Lesbowlians have been closer and have a much higher average, so I’m going with them.  This may be the first BoPo game featuring all women.

5 O’Clock’s (1-1) -3 vs Pud’s Taxi (0-3): Last week Pud’s sent a shockwave accorss the league by showing up.  This week they look to make it two in a row.  Waiting for them will be the 5 O’s, who set a great example for the league by meeting up early at Bayside for team dinners.

#7 TDYOB (3-0) -3 vs #8 UREA! (3-0): These teams have vastly different attitudes about winning, but both are 3-0, so it is de facto a big game.  UREA! is happy to be here, and they do have an all-star in T-$.  Knuckles has quietly been a huge factor.  Nothing quiet about TDYOB.  They want this game badly.  Space Farmer could be their cosmic glue guy.

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  1. 6 shots for the price of 5? My liver just shuddered. This should be called the “Yayy!! Special”. They may be leaving on stretchers tonight..

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