Tuesday Lines

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Early Games (should be some excellent, close matches)

My Balls (1-2) -1 vs I.B.S. (1-3): My Balls almost did the impossible last week.  They only brought three players, yet got out to a 3-2 lead.  They got three again in the last game and lost a close 9-6 match.  Maybe that gives them some momentum.  I.B.S. has been on a different trajectory, losing three straight after a big win to open the season.  Both teams need the game – it may be early but the April Fools’ shootout is looming.

Pinups (1-2) -1 vs N.E.D. (3-1): Pinups have been finding ways to lose, N.E.D. has been finding novel ways to win (including a bowl-off).  The Pinups are a game and a half behind N.E.D. even though they have a 20 pin higher average.  Bulj Temptingly has at least been tearing it up on the Smack Talk board.  Here’s their chance for a ‘power win’.

Bowlderdash (0-3) -1 vs Splits Happen (0-4): Here we go, someone gets to taste sweet victory for the first time this week.  Bowlderdash has been achingly close, losing in a bowl-off.  Splits hasn’t been close yet but this is a great opportunity for them.  Call me a communist, but I’m hoping everyone gets a win this season, so I’m glad someone gets off the schneid tonight.

#4 Still L.O.S. (3-1) -5 vs #16 Saucy Posse (2-2): No team has made more noise early than L.O.S.  Back to back wins over OC and Back in Black will get you noticed.  Now we’ll see how they cope with success.  They are heavy favorites against a solid but unpredictable SauPo squad.  SauPo was bad last week, and are looking to show that they are still relevant.  Their schedule doesn’t let up, so they’ll simply have to step their game up.  They’re certainly capable.

Late Games

#17 Incredibowls (3-1) -3 vs Nutz (0-4): I couldn’t have imagined this line when the season started.  The Incredibowls have been pulling out surprise wins and have edged into the top 20.  The Nutz haven’t found anything yet.  Bustah showed his old form in practice, so may be back.  Peanut is solid and Hootie’s throw is looking great.  At some point they should be able to pull it together.  Despite the 0-4 start, theu actually have a 10 pin higher average than Incredibowls.  They need this one to start turning the season around.

#6 Back In Black (3-1) -1 vs #9 Off Constantly (2-2): Easily the game of the night.  The defending champs OC finally started practicing after a 1-2 start, but after last week’s win disappeared again.  Back In Black has been coming from behind all season, but last week they dug too big a hole and lost their first game 8-7.  The good news, Bama grinned.  The bad news, Stevie Strikes ripped into his team in post-game press conferences, and Gutterboy has yet to show up.  This game is huge for both teams.  BIB doesn’t want to head into next week’s BEER showdown on a two game losing streak, and OC can’t imagine starting 2-3.  Can’t wait to watch this one.

#2 Walkaways (3-1) -5 vs #11 Cunning Linguists (3-1): Rough timing for the oralsexuals.  They are on a roll, winning three straight and knocking off big name teams, but they catch an angry Walkaways squad.  The Walkaways lost in a bowl-off on a night when they outscored BEER by 80+ pins.  Had they won, they may have gone into this game a bit complacent.  Now, they are too focused.

#1 B.E.E.R. (4-0) -11 vs D-GUTS (1-2): B.E.E.R. is riding high, probably literally, after their thrilling victory last week.  They get D-GUTS in the week between Walkaways and Back In Black.  Queen B was clutch last week, getting 1 1/2 points while having to play all three games.  For D-GUTS, this is a good chance to measure themselves against some of the league’s iron.  They could gain some momentum by putting a scare in B.E.E.R. It is also a battle of Gorham, with Slow Roll vs Captain Collection, Pot Loughran and others.

#10 Pinny Candy (3-0) -3 vs Three Livers (0-3): Upset alert?  Maybe.  Three Livers are veterans, and Bernie has been rolling extremely well.  They are hungry for a win.  Pinny Candy is the surprise of the early season, and is one of only two undefeated teams on Tuesday.  The averages of these teams are surprisingly close given their respective records.  Skittles has been huge for PC, but Wilma is a veteran with a history of clutch performances.  This could be a great match.

#8 Binga’s (2-2) -5 vs #12 Turkey Club (3-1): The Club Kids have been on a roll, winning three straight after a razor-thin loss to OC to start the season.  Now, however, they hit the meat of their schedule, and won’t be favored for weeks.  Binga’s has been shockingly inconsistent, but have put up some huge numbers despite their 2-2 start.  Last week they crushed SauPo 14-1.  If Tso can stay up late enough, they should cruise to victory.

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  1. Early Games (should be some excellent, close matches)

    Does not say this next to the late games???? Is Dungus predicting a blow out over DGUTS??????

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