Thursday Lines – Where are the Bowl-Offs?

What’s up Thursday?  You sure are drinking well, but Tuesday has now had a bowl-off three straight weeks.  Unmatched excitement!  Get some, Thursday.  To sweeten the deal, if anyone ties, I’ll buy both bowl-off competitors a drink of their choice (tonight only).

Early Action

#5 Yay! (4-0) -11 vs Lesbowlians (1-3): Yay! is of course a heavy favorite, but noone on either team is as hot as Tilt-A-Whirl.  She rolled a 220 last week and has shot up to the 12th.  She can steal a few points.

Snakes On A Lane (1-3) -5 vs Pud’s Taxi (1-3): Pud’s has rallied from two forfeits to split the two games where they’ve shown up.  Snakes was picked to be a contender this year but are in danger of falling out of contention.  They need this one more , so I think they’ll get this one.

Wrecking Balls (2-2) -11 vs Madbotts (0-4): The Wrecking Balls’ top roller rolled one week and disappeared, leaving his name near the top of the averages.  Clever confidence building move.  They also feature up and comer Dude Jr, whose young concentration may be tested by the fishnets and dance moves of the Botts.  The Botts should get a boost from playing early and getting groovy music.

#4 G.O.B. (4-0) -5 vs #18 Tequila Mockingbird (2-1): Interesting game here.  G.O.B. are the new kids, and they’re feeling pretty good about themselves with a 4-0 record, #3 ranking, and 2nd highest average in the whole league for Mr. Pickles.  They are new, so they don’t know the proud history of DHD, the old name of Riggs’ squad, which made the first two BoPo finals.  These are proud veterans, and if Harlyn P makes a slight adjustment tonight, this could be quite a match of old vs new.

Late Games

#15 B.U.I. (3-1) -5 vs #20 UREA! (3-1): UREA! is in disarray.  Those who showed last week had no idea the whereabouts of their captain J-Bird or their star T-$.  Hopefully it resolves itself in they show up.  B.U.I. has the advantage of all bowling together in league on Wednesdays to warm up for Thursday’s league games.  They are two pins from being undefeated.

#7 TDYOB (4-0) -13 vs Lovernauts (0-3): Lovernauts may not realize it, but they’re actually really going to like TDYOB.  This should turn into a booze fueled dance off early.  Shots!

ICBING (2-2) -9 vs Goldilocks (0-3): ICBING has won two straight and look to move over .500, even though they say they haven’t been having as much fun.  Oh, and don’t crowd them.  Ms. Manners says ‘please allow three-five minutes after a game ends before moving down to the lanes for game two.”  Goldilocks is likely looking ahead to a week 6 matchup against the Madbotts.

Happy Hands (3-1) -5 vs 5 O’Clocks (1-2): Should be a low energy, very friendly affair.  The Hands look to rebound from their first loss. 5 )’s should know that we have three new dinner specials, so see you for dinner!

Roll Another (1-2) -1 vs Balls of Fury (1-2): Fury disproved me last week, looking happy and relaxed.  Probably the return of Bacon, Bacon makes everything better.  Roll Another is due to pull off a few wins and quietly sneak back up the rankings.

9 thoughts on “Thursday Lines – Where are the Bowl-Offs?

  1. Just passing along some wisdom to young Dude Jr-
    Nicknames choose you….don’t wear sweatpants tonight.

    1. Yo Tango you are a good bowler in practice, might want to take a look at the averages, I agree I will avg above a 120 tonight. Also denote the 1 next to my name, that will be a 2 by tomorrow…..

      1. Touche Thunder, I agree, I can’t figure out how to bowl in league. But I never claimed to have that ability. Edit find got a laugh out of me for sure. Next time we see each other we’ll have to put a wager on who finishes the season with a higher average..

  2. Last I heard he was looking to hang out, have a few beers, maybe roll a few strikes and if they happen to win a few game, so be it.

    I really doubt he cares what his average is.

    1. Had to use the edit find feature to even find your name, I think this was my average my first year of bowling in 2010:
      49 Tango T Club 139.8 9 1258

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