Thursday Recaps

Roll Another 12 Balls of Fury 3: Roll Another got contributions from everyone in a convincing win to even their record.

#3 Guns of Brighton 10.5 #18 Tequila Mockingbird 4.5: This game was much closer than the score.  G.O.B. let up after a quick 5-0 lead, but had a tremendous final three frames to bury the Riggs-less M’Birds and stay undefeated.

#5 YAY! 13.5 Lesbowlians 1.5: Lesbowlians rolled well enough to beat almost any other team, but YAY! was on fire, averaging over 600 to stay undefeated setting up next week’s battle for first with GOB.

Wrecking Balls 9 Madbotts 6: Madbotts were on the verge of their first win, but the Ramblin Wreck battled back from 6-4 down to win 9-6.

Snakes On A Lane 10 Pud’s Taxi 5: Snakes picked up their second win on the season, breaking a 5 all tie with a big 5-0 win in the third game.

Lovernauts 11 #7 TDYOB 4: In perhaps the biggest upset in BoPo regular season history, the 13 point underdogs bowled their best game in franchise history, sprinting out to a 10-0 lead and knocked TDYOB from the ranks of the undefeated.

ICBING 14 Goldilocks & The 5 Spares 1: ICBING won their third straight to move over .500, but were more excited about watching their rivals lose on the lane next to them.  Goldilocks set up a battle with Madbotts next week between the last two winless Thursday teams.

#15 BUI 9 #20 UREA! 6: BUI overcame a 3-2 hole, a captaincy change and a stellar game from Knuckles to knock off UREA!

#19 Happy Hands 10.5 Five O’Clocks 4.5: The Hands broke out the new, racy shirts, jumped out to a 7.5-2.5 lead, then held off a determined 5 O’s to pick up another win, moving to 4-1.

4 thoughts on “Thursday Recaps

  1. The score was actually 11 – 4, and Luka bowled her BEST GAME in Lovernauts history!!!! TDYOB was super fun to play!

    1. We often win hearts, but this time we actually won the game! My personal average is up to 108 now! Aces!

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