Tuesday Lines

For those teams that haven’t had a bye week yet, this will be their 6th game, marking the halfway point in the season.  Wow, time flies.

Big news for tonight, the 50/50 is 100/0 one time only, the winning ticket gets the entire pot.  Cool!

Early Games

#15 Cunning Linguists (3-2) -3 vs My Balls (2-2): The Linguists have been up and down, up and down all season.  They should do better early with wetter conditions.  My Balls would be #21 if the rankings went that high.  A win here gets them in the power rankings, and they leap past the Linguists in the standings.

3 Livers (0-4) -1 vs Pinups (1-3): 3 Livers were my upset pick of the week last week and gave undefeated Pinny Candy a scare before a game 3 collapse.  The Pinups also had a 3rd game collapse, then fell to the unstoppable Shifter Pawl in a bowl-off heartbreaker.  3 Livers has a friendly schedule coming up and could dig themselves out of the April Fools shootout with a few wins. Pinups are in a similar position, and need this one too.  Should be an excellent match, a prime candidate for our 4th straight bowl-off.

#2 Walkaways (4-1) -5 vs #10 SauPo (3-2): SauPo picked up a huge win last week knocking off then #4 LOS behind Redonk’s big 245.  That score has launched him to 5th, but the Walkaways have the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th place bowlers.  That means SauPo desperately needs Walter and Hot Sauce to come back to life.  SauPo needs a huge first game and an early lead, but if they can keep the pressure on going into game 3 they   have a chance.

#8 Still L.O.S. (3-2) -5 vs #16 Turkey Club (3-2): LOS got tripped up last week, but I think they have the whole team together again this time.  That’s bad news for Turkey Club, who will get LOS’ best shot.  The Club is in the midst of a brutal schedule stretch, but should learn a lot from the losses.  Tango is representing on the smack board, Roadhouse on the scoreboard, and Bora Bora should grab a few points.

Late Games

#11 Off Constantly (2-3) -5 vs Young & Bowled (1-3): On paper, OC should be able to recover this week and even their record.  But Y&B smells blood in the water, and could knock OC into the bottom tier with an upset tonight.  Not sure who’s going to carry them…Senator ITZ, Lou Dawg, Lucky?  For OC, everyone other than #1 seems to be second guessing themselves.  Eventually they’ll get their groove back, Y&B just hopes it’s a week from now.

#3 Back in Black (4-1) -1 vs #1 BEER (5-0): This should be a great battle.  Cheddar is currently #1, Stevie Strikes #2, and Bama and Hungus are tied for #3.  Stevie wants this one, going against both his biggest rival and his boss.  The whole BIB team has been practicing all week.  BEER comes in pretty loose, with less to lose, but they want this one as well.  Hopefully it comes down to the last frame.

Bowderdash (0-4) -1 vs D-GUTS (1-3): Bowlderdash has come close, but hasn’t broken through to the win column.  This time they come in with a 20+ pin advantage on their opponents.  Dombomb has been leading them and putting up some nice scores.  D-GUTS took their beating last week, and are excited to be back in a winnable game, but Captain Collection will need to up his game.  His switch to thumb-in should be a boost.

#6 Binga’s (3-2) -9 vs #14 Incredibowls (4-1): The Incredibowls have been pulling out win after win, but this one is too tall an order.  Binga’s is definitely in the running for the BoPo title this year and can put up monster scores.  They do occasionally sleepwalk through a game or two and if they do Incredibowls will seize on it, but Binga’s has too much firepower.

#13 Strikes of Hazzard (2-2) -5 vs #19 No Eye Deer (4-1): Strikes of Hazzard went into the bye week coming off a disappointing loss.  They’ve been playing to whatever level their opponent is so far this year.  No-Eye-Deer always looks dead, then rallies, and Shifter pawl has won them two games in bowl-offs.  Very dramatic.  Strikes of Hazzard wants to make sure this one is over before they get to game 3, as NED is always confident they can come back.

#7 Pinny Candy (4-0) -3 vs Splits Happen (1-4): With BEER playing Back in Black, there is a good chance that with a win Pinny Candy could be the last undefeated team on Tuesday.  Quite an accomplishment.  Splits got their first win last week, and have the rollers to try to spoil the unbeaten run of PC.  Xander needs to have his breakout week.

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