Three Livers (1-5) 14 Bowlderdash (0-6) 1: Three Livers broke through to the win column in a big way, and when they have Bernie and Wilma together they are far more dangerous than their record suggests.

#12 Strikes of Hazzard (4-2) 12 My Balls (2-4) 3: The Hazzard crew cruised to a big win after their bye week.

#5 Binga’s (5-2) 14 #7 Still L.O.S. (4-3) 1: This one looked close for a bit, but the final score showed complete dominance by Binga’s.

#2 Walkaways (6-1) 12 Y&B (1-5) 3: Walkaways got another win, but the story was The Truth from Y&B who rolled 200-249-180.  Y&B’s 1800 team score would have beaten any other opponent.

#14 Saucy Posse (4-3) 11 #19 Incredibowls (4-3) 4: SauPo liked their short roster, and their top four cruised to a nice win.  Sweet Baby Lou of Incredibowls cracked the 200 list for the first time.

I.B.S. (2-4) 11 N.E.D. (4-3) 4: Another team with just four players had success, and I.B.S. kept its hopes of escaping the April Fools’ shootout alive.

Nutz (1-5) 12.5 D-GUTS (2-4) 2.5: Nutz got their first win in a big way, grabbing a 10 point win.

#15 Cunning Linguists (5-2) 8 #10 Off Constantly (3-4) 7: Best game of the night.  The Linguists had a big lead on Back in Black earlier in the season but couldn’t hold on.  This time they carried a 7-3 lead to game 3, then held on when Windiesel edged Oz 143-142 to avoid a bowloff.

Splits Happen (2-5) 9 Pinups (2-4) 6: Splits continued their turnaround with a nice win, wrapping it up in two games.

#4 BEER (6-1) 10 #6 Pinny Candy (5-1) 5: Filthy McNasty led the Cheddarless BEER squad in handing Pinny Candy their first loss of the season.

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