Thursday Lines

Early Games

#9 Sweet Rolls (4-1) -3 vs #20 ICBING (4-2): The Sweet Rolls got a surprise scare last week, but Hot Tamale destroyed Hard Body 165-74 in a bowloff to secure the win.  ICBING looked terrible through two weeks but has now rolled to four straight wins setting up an exciting matchup.

Tequila Mockingbird (2-3) -3 vs Guacabowle (2-3): These two teams have the same record but different expectations.  The T-Birds have a rich history, and need to pull this off to start getting back to where they would like to be.  Guacabowle is enjoying their opening season and is pretty happy to have a couple wins already.  A win here would just be icing on the cake.

#13 TDYOB (5-1) -9 vs Balls of Fury (1-4): Fury reached a bowloff with Sweet Rolls last week but couldn’t close the deal.  It won’t get any easier against a TDYOB team hungry to pick up more wins and stay in the race for top seed.

#18 Happy Hands (4-1) -1 vs Roll Another (2-3): The Hands have managed to stay in the rankings, while Roll Another has struggled a bit to a 2-3 start.  This looks like an interesting match though, could definitely see it going either way.


Lesbowlians (1-4) -1 vs Snakes On A Lane (2-4): Maybe a bit of an upset pick.  The Lesbowlians have looked very strong in the two weeks before their bye, and Tilt-A-Whirl is as hot as any Thursday bowler right now.  Snakes keep finding ways to lose.

Pud’s Taxi (1-5) -1 vs Madbotts (0-6): The Madbotts have been agonizingly close to getting a win, having a 6-4 lead the last two weeks.  This may be their last, best chance.  Pud’s looks to pick up their second win of the season.

#3 Yay! (6-0) -5 vs #11 B.U.I. (5-1): Yay! handled their matchup against G.O.B. last week, and gets another decent test this week in a surging B.U.I. team.  B.U.I. doesn’t have the big guns to grab top points, but they do have great depth if Yay! isn’t consistent.

5 O’Clocks (1-4) -3 vs Goldilocks (1-4): The 5 O’s won their opener then lost 4 straight.  Goldilocks lost four straight to open then won last week.  Now they see who gets a second win.  The 5 O’s have been closer, so I’m going with them to get back on track.

#8 Guns of Brighton (5-1) -9 vs Lovernauts (1-4): GOB looks to rebound after losing their showdown last week.  Lovernauts fell back to earth last week, but showed in the TDYOB game they have the ability to pull off big upsets.

10 thoughts on “Thursday Lines

  1. Those are scores you put up in league, not in practice, you’ve proved you are a good practice player, you talk about how good you are in practice that your own captain had to tell you to shut up. Show grab some popcorn and enjoy the show. Your mancrush on me helped me to the tune of 165, 182, 198 last week so thanks for the help “Thunder’s Bitch”, tonight I shovel more sand on your lost bet grave.

    1. I talk about how good I am in practice? News to me. And I’m not the one that hits the smack board up with my scores before the rake comes down in the 10th frame, that’s you. Mancrush? You call yourself a man? Thanks for the informative post.

      1. Dude you were on the board talking about how good you are at free bowling, i.e., practice, yeah the ladies on my team are calling it a “mancrush”, sorry dude you’ve been labeled. Get your popcorn ready…..

      2. My free bowling comment was only in response to your claim of having won it twice. What? A guy can’t defend himself? I thought this was America

      3. Ha-ha, go back and check on that, you called me out saying you had won free bowling, I responded saying I had as well. Hey I love ya bro, you are making my average go up and me drink less, you are like a free personal bowling trainer……..

        Also Cheddar and Gutter Boy are the King’s of free bowling, it ain’t even close, actually Cheddar probably the King, GB Prince or Queen whichever works for ya…..

      4. Damn, I need to check facts more often. That being said, I never claimed to be the “King” of free bowling. I know Cheds has won it a ton. I make you drink less? “Love ya bro”? Are you sure the ladies on TDYOB haven’t labeled you as the one with the mancrush?

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