Tuesday Lines

So, everyone has played at least half their schedule now.  The races are taking shape.  Just so folks know, the bottom six teams on Tuesday and the bottom 6 teams on Thursday will be in the April Fool’s Shootout – with the top 2 advancing to the playoffs.

Early Games

#4 B.E.E.R. (5-1) -1 vs #13 Turkey Club (3-3): Interesting match.  Turkey Club came within a pin of beating OC, and led LOS in the tenth frame of game three, but they haven’t broken through with a big win yet and they are hungry for one.  BEER is facing injury issues with Cheddar questionable due to an achilles injury, plus they never play early games.  Filthy carried them last week, and Slow Roll put up a 198 Saturday, so the depth should be enough to squeak by.

#11 Still L.O.S. (4-3) -11 vs Bowlderdash (0-6): This one doesn’t look good.  LOS will get back on the winning track and Bowlderdash will be waiting another week to try to get their first win.

I.B.S. (2-4) -3 vs Splits Happen (2-5): IBS rebounded last week to snap a 4 game losing streak and get some mojo back.  Xander’s Splits have actually won two of their last three and are confident.  If Oolie leaves the door open at all, Splits could pounce.  The loser looks likely to end up in the April Fools’ Shootout.

Nutz (1-5) -1 vs My Balls (2-4): Nutz vs Balls!  The Nutz finally exploded, getting a win to snap their 5 game season-opening losing streak.  My Balls have a couple wins under their belt, but have been pretty inconsistent scorewise. I think the Nutz are about to start putting together a little winning streak.

Late Games

#1 Back in Black (5-1) -9 vs #9 Pinny Candy (5-1): Pinny Candy was 5-0 but are now hitting the roadblock portion of their schedule.  They were certainly game against BEER, but will need to roll even better to hang close to Back in Black.  BIB is hungry for action after their bye week.  They were starting to really get it going, and I doubt the week off is going to slow down that train.

D-Guts (2-4) -1 vs Three Livers (1-5): The headliners are Bernie and Captain Collection, and I’m sure the trash talking has been hot and heavy, but this game comes down to a couple other players.  For Three Livers, looking to build on their first win of the year, they need Wilma’s steady hand.  D-GUTS looks to Old Thumper, who just got a new Hammer and has been in practicing regularly.  I’m voting for the hammer!

#7 Cunning Linguists (5-2) -3 vs Incredibowls (4-3): The Linguists beat Off Constantly.  Now they have to get their focus back against a dangerous Incredibowls squad who will be up for this one.  Incredibowls always take advantage of teams looking past them, and Sweet Baby Lou is heating up with his first 200 this season.  The Linguists have the talent, they just need to play this like they’re playing OC again.

Young & Bowled (1-5) -5 vs Pinups (2-4): Y&B looks like they’re back.  Last week, The Truth rolled a 628 series, Senator ITZ averaged over a 180, but they lost to the Walkaways on a night when their scores would have beaten any other team.  This week they get any other team, the Pinups.  Pinups may pay the price.

#5 Binga’s (5-2) -3 vs #8 Strikes of Hazzard (4-2): Game of the late shift.  Hazzard has been solid all year, especially against top opponents.  Binga’s has been a little streaky, putting up nice wins but only occasionally nice scores.  Whatever happens on the lanes, the parking lot should look like a festival between games.

#12 Saucy posse (4-3) -1 vs #14 Off Constantly (3-4): I know I’ve screwed this up by picking SauPo.  They only excel when they’re overlooked, but it’s hard to pick OC here.  I refuse to believe Walter is going to keep rolling 140’s all season.  Redonk is due for another big week.  Nuber is carrying OC right now, even though Dick and Oz put up the occasional big scores.  They need McQueen back soon.

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