Late Lines

Running out of time, so some quick takes…

Early Games

Young & Bowled (2-5) -5 vs My Balls (2-5): Same record, but Y&B seems to be on the rise.  Loser almost certainly in April Fools’ Shooutout

#2 Walkaways (6-1) -5 vs #11 Hazzard (4-3): Hazzard have a new rep as giant killers, and Walkaways are coming off a bye, but hard to pick the upset here.

I.B.S. (3-4) -3 vs Three Livers (1-6):  Three Livers looking to spoil a few seasons.  Turning point game for I.B.S.

#7 Still L.O.S. (5-3) -11 vs Incredibowls (4-4):  LOS needs some wins, and Incredibowls are shorthanded.  Bad combination.

Late Games

Pinups (2-5) -1 vs Bowlderdash (0-7):  Pinups are favored here, would love to get back on track.  Bowlderdash is 0-7 and will not get a better look at a win than tonight.

#4 Body English/B.E.E.R. (7-1) -1 vs #5 Binga’s (6-2):  A great rivalry reborn.  Should be a barnburner.  Well, something is definitely getting burned down.

#1 Back in Black (6-1) -9 vs #19 Turkey Club (4-4):  Back in Black seems to have it all figured out.  Turkey Club seems to have had their confidence shaken, but have taken a couple of big teams to the wire.

D-GUTS (3-4) -1 vs Splits Happen (2-6):  Interesting game, should be close.  Splits needs it more, but D-GUTS has shown some flashes of potential.  I smell bowl-off.

#12 Pinny Candy (5-2) -1 vs Nutz (2-5): Pinny Candy has lost two straight to top 4 teams.  They have a chance to get back on track, but Nutz have won two straight and seem to be getting their s%#$ together.

#9 Off Constantly (4-4) -7 vs N.E.D. (4-3):  Did you know N.E.D. has a better record than OC?  Weird.  Probably not after tonight.









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