Binga’s 8 BEER 7: Great game, featuring a 241 from Tso in a 754-729 game 1 win.  The rivalry grows.

Back in Black 9 T-Club 6: Not that close as BIB took their foot off the gas in game three in warmup for next week’s showdown vs Walkaways.

D-GUTS 10 Splits Happen 5: D-GUTS gets to 500, Splits look locked in to April Fools.

Bowlderdash 12.5 Pinups 2.5: Bowlderdash gets a win!  No winless Tuesday teams left, now just waiting on Madbotts.

Nutz 8.5 Pinny Candy 6.5: Nutz have won 3 straight to get to 3-5, and PC has lost three straight to go to 5-3.

Off Constantly 11 N.E.D. 4:  OC getting some players back, but last three games are Binga’s, BEER and Walkaways

Walkaways 12 Hazzard 3:  Walkaways did just what they had to.  Now get their second #1 vs #2 showdown.

My Balls 8.5 Y&B 6.5: My Balls got a very important win with a 5-0 game three rally.

Still L.O.S. 14 Incredibowls 1:  LOS cruised over Incredibowls team missing most of its roster.

3 Livers 12.5 IBS 2.5:  3 Livers grabbed a second win and pulled IBS down in April Fools territory

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