Tuesday Lines

Early Games

No-Eye-Deer (4-5) -3 vs Three Livers (2-7):  I picked Three Livers last week and they lost 15-0.  I’ll probably avoid doing that again.  Well, maybe when they play in the April Fool’s Shootout.  N.E.D. should break their four game losing streak.

My Balls (4-5) -1 vs Incredibowls (4-5):  Both teams need another win to stay out the bottom pack.  They look safe now but aren’t out of the woods.  My Balls is coming off a monster win, the Incredibowls should be shorthanded again.

#18 Nutz (4-5) -7 vs Splits Happen (2-8):  The Nutz train is rolling, four straight and looking like five.  Splits are already locked into the April Fools’ Shootout, but stopping the Nutz would be a huge confidence builder.

#2 Walkaways (7-2) -5 vs #5 Still L.O.S. (6-3):  The Walkaways got humbled by BIB even though they rolled well.  Turns out BIB is just the team to beat this year.  Now they face their arch-rival.  Will they respond with a big win, or be demoralized from last week?  LOS is hungry, but they haven’t been seen anywhere around the lanes in weeks.  New strategy of just being well rested?  Perhaps.  If they win it shakes up the whole race on Tuesday for the #2-#7 seeds.

Late Games

#20 D-GUTS (5-4) -3 vs Pinups (2-7):  New Top-20 arrival D-GUTS is on a roll.  They can secure at least a .500 record with a win tonight, and put themselves in position for a winnable first round playoff game.  Pinups just need something to go right to stop their free-fall.

#4 Binga’s (7-3) -11 vs I.B.S. (3-6):  Binga’s took one on the chin from OC last week but appear set-up for a quick rebound.  They need it too with Back in Black looming in week 13.  I.B.S. doesn’t stand much chance on paper, but they have to hope they have some magic or they’ll be staring at a bid in the  April Fool’s Shootout, a surprise finish for them.

#7 Cunning Linguists (6-3) -9 vs Bolwderdash (1-8):  Last week the Linguists wore conservative clothes, rolled their top 4 and probably should have beaten B.E.E.R. but for an unlucky break or two.  They may get back to letting their hair down and bringing their denim-lines up – jorts, anyone?  Bowlderdash would be a .500 team on Thursday.

#1 Back in Black (8-1) -9 vs Young & Bowled (3-6):  This game should be more interesting than the records suggest.  Noone battles Stevie Strikes more often and less lucratively than The Truth.  Pistol Pete’s three games right handed he has averaged higher than Bama or Gutterboy’s Mom’s Son, and Senator Itz is still rolling well.  Add to that former all-star Lucky who matches up well vs Gutterboy’s Mom and this one could stay fun for a little while.

#17 Saucy Posse (5-4) -1 vs #19 Turkey Club (4-5):  This should be a great one to watch.  Redonk has been carrying SauPo for a bit, wondering when Walter and Hot Sauce will join the party.  Turkey Club took their beatings but now have been tested and are hungry for wins.  Should go down to the wire.

#13 Strikes of Hazzard (5-4) -5 vs Pinny Candy (5-4):  Hazzard is looking to finish the season on a roll and get a nice seed.  Pinny Candy is trying to snap a four game losing streak.  Hazzard should pull it out but they have been known to lose focus.

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