We have a clear league #1 in Back in Black now with their win over the Walkaways, and OC seems to be back.  But Thursday is still wide open.  Yay! definitely has the inside track on the one spot, but after tonight there could possibly be a logjam of 6 different 2 loss teams.  Or the scrappy Happy Hands could tie Yay for the top spot.  March Madness!

Early Games

Wrecking Balls (5-3) -3 vs Guacabowle (2-6):  The Balls have been highly inconsistent, but they sport a 5-3 record which has them sitting comfortably in the tournament.  Guacabowle has the ability to beat them, and needs the game badly to avoid the April Fool’s Shootout.  I’m assuming the Balls have their full roster tonight and get a playoff clinching victory.

#13 B.U.I. (6-2) -11 vs Goldilocks (1-7):  Goldilocks has already booked a spot in the April Fools’ Shootout.  BUI has a chance to get as high as a #2 seed.  Shouldn’t be too close.

Lesbowlians (2-6) -3 vs Pud’s Taxi (2-6):  These two teams have a peculiar, but unquestionable affinity for each other.  It’s always a fun match.  This year the Lesbowlians look poised to capture it.  The winner of this game gets a huge boost toward a playoff spot.

Snakes on a Lane (4-4) -9 vs Lovernauts (2-6):  Both teams are coming off wins.  Snakes are on the verge of the top-20 but can’t let up having already lost four times.  The Luvernauts have proven they can play with anyone on the nights when their bowling magic is strong, but generally they are here to dance first, bowl second.  Gamblers beware.

Late Games

#12 Happy Hands (7-1) -1 vs #15 UREA! (6-2):  I want to believe.  The Hands have the third best record in all of BoPo, but still sport a sub-500 team average.  This could be a situation where they start to bowl to their record, rather than lose because of their average.  UREA! has been a little inconsistent but is still sitting pretty at 6-2.  They enter most games with the best bowler in the match due to T-$. If Knuckles and J-Bird get back to form they could run the table.  They are hard to pin down.

#16 Sweet Rolls (5-3) -7 vs Five O’Clocks (2-6):  Though the race has cleared out, for one glorious week there were two BoPo players running for congress: Sugar and Twizzler.  We are powerful!  Sugar should be back to bowling this week in a nice rebound match for the hard throwing Sweet Rolls.  The 5 O’s under reigning Captain of the Year Tillie never surrender easily.

#8 G.O.B. (7-2) -11 vs Balls of Fury (2-6):  Tough draw for a Fury team that desperately needs another win or two to get out of the bottom 6.  G.O.B. rolled as well as any team int he league last week and are looking to punish teams right now.  Bowltron, destroy!

#7 Yay! (8-1) -9 vs Roll Another (3-5):  Yay! got their first loss, now they can relax.  Noone is more relaxed than their opponent tonight Roll Another.  Chup’s even-keeled squad is actually sitty pretty even at 3-5 with so many teams behind them in the standings.

Tequila Mockingbirds (4-4) -7 vs Madbotts (0-8):  Which Birds show up?  Last week they sent a flock of newcomers and lost in a big surprise.  The Madbotts would love the opportunity to finally break through.


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