Tuesday Lines

Only two weeks left now.  Playoff positions are becoming clearer.  Back In Black will wrap up the #1 Tuesday seed with a win over the Pinups.  The battle to escape the bottom 6 is also red-hot.  Plus, a championship rematch.

Early Games

#2 Walkaways (8-2) -13 vs N.E.D. (4-6): Walkaways should cruise, then just watch O.C./B.E.E.R. to figure out their seeding fate.  Danny Diesel will be out for the playoffs so maybe they can work on that.  N.E.D. has lost five straight and are careening toward the Bottom 6.

#12 Strikes of Hazzard (6-4) -3 vs #16 Nutz (5-5):  This should be a battle.  Hazzard has had some big wins and some surprise losses, but have a chance to finish the season strong and get a good seed.  Nutz lost their first five and now have won their last 5.  They have a tough two game finish with Nutz and Linguists, but who’s to say they can’t run the table?

#6 Cunning Linguists (7-3) -7 vs Saucy Posse (5-5):  This line would have been shocking at the beginning of the season, but not now.  The Linguists are a solid sixth with a legitimate chance to win out and finish as high as 4th on Tuesdays.  Saucy Posse is coming off a 13-2 shellacking to an expansion team and have fallen out of the top-20.  With B.E.E.R. on the horizon they need to straighten things out here to get some playoff  momentum.

#17 Turkey Club (5-5) -5 vs #20 My Balls (5-5):  My Balls have finally made the top-20, but now they’ll have to work hard to stay there.  They play a Turkey Club team that has played a very tough schedule and is trying to get in a rhythm to close the season.

Late Games

I.B.S. (3-7) -1 vs Pinny Candy (5-5):  Interesting game.  Pinny Candy has lost five straight after opening the season 5-0.  I.B.S. has also been struggling.  I.B.S. does get to finish with Pinups, but a win here helps them out immensely in terms of avoiding the Bottom 6.  Pinny Candy’s hot start has guaranteed they will get a playoff spot even if they finish the season on a 7 game losing streak.

Incredibowls (4-6) -3 vs Bowlderdash (1-9):  Bowlderdash hasn’t been as bad as their record.  Incredibowls are a Jekyll and Hyde squad depending on who shows.  Bowlderdash can play spoiler and keep the Incredibowls from clinching a playoff spot.

#1 Back In Black (9-1) -15 vs Pinups (2-8):  Well, either BIB will lock up the #1 seed tonight, or Pinups will pull off the biggest upset in BowlPortland history.

#7 Still L.O.S. (6-4) -5 vs #19 D-GUTS (6-4):  LOS has to shake off a last frame loss to Walkaways and try to wrap up at 8-4.  D-GUTS just needs to bowl with some confidence – they get down on themselves despite a 6-4 record.  They’ve been bowling better and keeping this one close could be a good confidence booster.

Y&B (3-7) -3 vs Three Livers (3-7):  3L has lost whenever picked to win, but win some when picked to lose, so this game should be interesting.  Y&B is better than 3-7, but there they are.  They looked like they were coming together nicely before last week’s struggle against BIB.  If they lose here they could find themselves in the April Fools Shootout fighting for a rematch with BIB.

#3 B.E.E.R. (8-2) -1 vs #5 Off Constantly (6-4):  Championship rematch.  Last year these teams met twice with BEER winning 8-7 in the regular season and OC avenging it with an 8-7 win in the title game.  No reason to expect this one won’t be 8-7 as well.  OC really struggled early in the season but has come on as of late with a big win over Binga’s and look hungry again.  B.E.E.R. has split their last 4 and could use a win over a top team to get back on a roll.  The teams are pretty much the same as last year expect BEER has added Slow Roll, and I think that flips the 8-7 win back to them.









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