Thursday Lines And Kissing Your Sister

Yes, a lot of teams are going to end up tied.  To quote Fabio, “don’t worry about it”.  The first tiebreaker is head to head.  If that doesn’t apply, then it’s points.  I’ll be around all night to update you and pencil your team into the big board.

Also, all playoff matchups and times will be posted tonight and mailed to the captains.

Early Games – Dance

Roll Another (4-7) -5 vs Wrecking Balls (7-4):  These records are misleading.  Roll Another has a 40 pin better average.  They lost two games in a row by a total of less than 10 pins.  I gave up on the Wrecking Balls, but then they knocked off Tequila Mockingbirds last week.  They have proven pesky in the playoffs.  A win likely gets them a matchup with Turkey Club, a loss gets a matchup with Strikes of Hazzard.

#18 Happy Hands (8-3) -1 vs Tequila Mockingbirds (6-5):  A lot of teams will be watching this one.  A Happy Hands win will help create a giant logjam of 9-3 squads, making the tiebreaker points based. The Hands could finish as high as 4th or as low as 8th.  Tequila lost another surprise game last week.  They will finish either 10th or 11th, setting up a first round date with either Strikes of Hazzard or Still L.O.S.

Guacabowle (3-8) -3 vs Goldilocks (1-10): This game is actually full of playoff implications.  If Guac wins and Lovernauts can’t upset Yay!, then Guac gets the final playoff spot.  If Guac loses, Lovernauts are in.  Goldilocks holds the key.

#12 Sweet Rolls (8-3) -3 vs #17 Snakes On A Lane (7-4):  The highlight of the early games with a couple of top-20 teams going at it.  Sweet Rolls are always a dangerous playoff team.  They could finish anywhere from 4th to 8th too.  Snakes look close to locked into the 9th spot, but would love to go into the tourney with some monkey fightin points in the monday to friday standings.

#13 ICBING (8-3) -13 vs Madbotts (0-11):  Madbotts may be done for the year – they didn’t show up last week.  That would equal a nice bounty of 15 points for ICBING and give them a boost in the standings, but they are pretty far behind the rest of the 8-3 squads right now.  They’d rather play the game.

Late Game – Hootenanny

#8 Yay! (10-1) -11 vs Lovernauts (4-7):  Yay! already has 1st place locked up, and they already know they will play No Eye Deer next Thursday in the playoffs.  They do need to get some momentum back, though, and look to do that tonight.  The Lovernauts have a lot more to play for – a win gets them in the playoffs.  A loss could very well stick them in the shootout on Sunday without most of their team.  The Lovernauts are backed into a corner, and no one puts Ichy in the corner!  They, will have, the time of their lives!

UREA! (8-3) -3 vs Puds (2-9):  Pud’s and UREA! sounds like snippets of an unfortunate conversation with the doctor.  Tonight it’s just a bowling match.  Pud’s are deep in the sunday shootout, which could be tricky because Dink’s new bar opens up on the same day (BoPoers, go check out Dink’s new bar!  Seriously)  UREA! is looking for one last hoorah before T-$ abandons them for the playoffs.

#15 BUI (8-3) -7 vs Balls Of Fury (2-9):  B.U.I. relies on the no-stars system and tries to blanket the board with 150s taking points that are there.  They should get plenty tonight, and will end up either 3rd or 4th with a win.  Fury has been practicing, and could make some noise on the April Fools’ Shootout.

Lesbowlians (4-7) -5 vs 5 O’Clocks (2-9):  After years of near misses, this time the Lesbowlians have a playoff spot locked up going into the final week.  They are likely to play Cunning Linguists in the playoffs, which makes for a delightfully punny matchup.  The 5 O’s have reigning Captain of the Year Tillie, so I’m curious to see what motivational tricks she has up her sleeves.

#5 G.O.B. (9-2) -3 vs TDYOB (9-2): The OB battle.  The winner gets second place, which sounds cool until you take a look at the brackets.  Both teams may look at favorable playoff matchups, but they are both too competitive to do anything than go full force at each other.  Mr. Pickles needs a big night to capture the Top Dawg trophy after Stevie Strikes blew up on Tuesday (to be precise, he needs a 233 in his first game if he just plays one, or an average of 210.5 if he plays two games).  G.O.B. can’t fall lower than 4th, TDYOB can finish anywhere from 2nd to 8th.

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  1. Props for the dirty dancing reference in Yay’s write-up, Patrick Swayze. I’ve got hungry eyes for this tournament.

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