Playoffs?!?! (Corrected Schedule)

Sunday, April 1st:

Noon – Pud’s Taxi vs Pinups, Splits Happen vs Goldilocks, Balls of Fury vs Bowlderdash

1pm: Puds/Pinups winner vs Young & Bowled, 3 Livers vs 5 O’Clocks, Splits/Goldi winner vs Lovernauts, Balls/Bowlderdash winner vs I.B.S.

2pm: Play-in Finals

Tuesday, April 3rd

6pm: , Binga’s vs Roll Another, Walkaways vs Guacabowle, Cunning Linguists vs Lesbowlians, Turkey Club vs Snakes On A Lane

8pm: Back in Black vs Play-In, Happy Hands vs Pinny Candy, B.U.I. vs Incredibowls, Sweet Rolls vs Off Constantly

Thursday, April 5th

6pm: Still L.O.S. vs Tequila M-Birds, G.O.B. vs Saucy Posse, ICBING vs My Balls, UREA! vs Nutz

8pm: Yay! vs N.E.D., TDYOB vs D-GUTS, Strikes of Hazzard vs Wrecking Balls, BEER vs Play-In

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