Flying Buttresses (2-1 ) -1 vs Split For Brains (2-2):  I think Precious may be out, thus this line.  Should be a close one.  Rumors also circulating that T-Square may have signed with Back in Black.

Deez Knees (2-2) -2 vs Wilfork Your Face Off (1-2): Another close one, only 2 pins difference in team average.  I’ll guess Diesel and Jerk have a rebound week.

Slackers (1-2) -1 vs Ooh, That’s A Bingo (1-2): A week ago Slackers looked like they might go winless.  Now it looks like they may be sitting at .500 after four weeks.  I’m assuming Bombpop is back for them.  The Bingoers are currently ranked 11th, and play the 12th and 13th place teams in their doubleheader.  They couldn’t ask for  a better set up.


Lane’s Addiction (1-2) -2 vs Hebros (1-2): Lane’s has lost two straight after a big season opening win.  Hebros got a big win after a rough start.  Both beat Shake N Bake.  Hmm. McQueen will will them to a v.

Ooh, That’s A Bingo (1-2) -1 vs Supah Deep (1-2): The Bingo Crew could be worn out from the first game.  The Supah Deepers could be worn out from the roof.

Shake N Bake (1-2) -1 vs Roll Models (2-1): This should be one of the two highest scoring games.  Shake ‘n Bake coming off a surprise loss needs this one a little more.  Big Red’s crew has been playing well, and Double Cheese is hungry.

Bowling On Bath Salts (3-0) -1 vs Dick’s Picks Vol. 2 (3-1): Week 4’s marquee matchup.  The last undefeated team playing the highest average team.  Could be a championship preview.  I think the Bath Salts have a little magic right now.


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