New Rankings

Because I’m quick like that.

Before the rankings, lots of big scores this week but Snapshot – Roll Models (5th round!) gets bowler of the week with a 276/211

1. (2) Bowling On Bath Salts (3-0): Last team standing, and getting stronger.

2. (1) Dick’s Picks Vol. 2 (3-1): Didn’t really do anything to move down, but Bath Salts has that undefeated thing going.

3. (6) Roll Models (2-1): Huge week, flying up the rankings.  Nice one, Snapshot

4. (9) Split For Brains (2-2): Split their extremely tough double-header

5. (5) Flying Buttresses (2-1): despite the loss probably their strongest showing yet.

6. (4) Deez Knees (2-2): Didn’t play well at all, but everyone else is below .500

7. (11) Hebros (1-2): Big victory over Shake ‘n Bake to get on the board

8. (3) Shake ‘n Bake (1-2): Chemistry issues?  Too good to be 1-2, something’s up

9. (8) Lane’s Addiction (1-2): Fell off in game three, Tron is gone

10. (7) Wilfork Your Face Off (1-2): Tough loss to Bingo after having a 5-0 lead

11. (12) Ooh, That’s A Bingo (1-2): Beat the Wilforkers, but I can’t move them ahead of them yet

12. (13) Slackers (1-2): On the board and out of the basement

13. (10) Supah Deep (1-2): 10 point smackdown to the previous last place team, welcome to the cellar

2 thoughts on “New Rankings

  1. If you bring that whole looking to have a few laughs and beers bullshit to Clubber Lang you’re riding the pine ya’douche. I’m gonna trade you for T-square, the latest gun to be enlisted by Back and Black.

  2. That’s more like it right where we belong, especially for a team looking to hang out, have a few laughs and drink a few beers.

    Secondly, chemistry? Please! We have team shirts for fuck sakes!

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