Lines, Lines, Everywhere Lines

So, tonight should be interesting.  We have a giant IDEXX party overlapping with BoPo, so only 2 early games (next to eight lanes of IDEXX) then 5 late games (with 2 lanes of IDEXX stragglers)

Early Games

Dick’s Picks Vol. 2 (4-1) -3 vs Roll Models (3-1): Well, there aren’t many early games but the top game of the night will be going on.  Last week Dick’s was #2 but knocked off then #1 Bath Salts.  Now they’re back on top and face the new 2nd ranked squad.  Dick’s has been getting huge results from their Yay! pair of Ralphie and Romo, and neither has shown signs of dropping off.  Bama also seems poised for a big breakout week.  The Roll Models are one of the few teams with the depth to contend, getting solid scores from Rufio and Big Red, and some monsters from Bustah, Snapshot and His Cheeseness. I expect the games to be close, but Dick’s to pick off some close points for the win.

Bath Salts (3-1) -3 vs Flying Buttresses (3-1): Tough doubleheader tonight for the Buttresses.  They play a Bath Salts team hungry to rebound after last week (though they will be without Mona Laudley, forcing Bubbles to roll 3).  Gutterbot is climbing up the charts for the Buttresses, and Knuckles should grab a few points, but the Bath Salts should be able to pull away.

Late Games

Lane’s Addiction (1-3) -1 vs Slackers (1-3):  With three teams missing the postseason entirely, grabbing wins when you can is crucial.  The winner of this game gets a tiny bit of cushion, the loser will be battling to qualify for the rest of the year. Lane’s needs Pistol Pete to rebound, Slackers need Bombpop to continue overperforming.

Wilfork Y.F.O. (2-2) -1 vs Split For Brains (2-3): The Brains are impossible to predict with Precious’ schedule (though Roadhouse is quietly having a very strong season to help make up for the absences).  Y.F.O. is always in close ones.  I’ll give this to them on a hunch.

Deez Knees (2-3) -1 vs Ooh, That’s Bingo (3-2): Deez Knees is coming off a tough loss.  Meanwhile, Bingo is coming off a very solid doubleheader sweep.  I think Deez kneeds it more, and will find a way to get it done.  Game should feature a classic BoPo old-school matchup of Jerk v Oz.

Hebros (2-2) -5 vs Supah Deep (1-3): The Hebros have vaulted back from a tough start to 5th place with two straight wins, now they face a desperate basement dweller.  Supah is almost in a must win situation already, but so far has yet to show that it can win under any circumstance.  Can Jewdy keep up his crazy start?  Can Probie be the next Yay-er to excel?  Can Layne build on her bowler of the week award against two of the league’s best women in VG Jess and McStriker?

Shake N Bake (1-3) -1 vs Flying Buttresses (3-1): Yeah, SnB has been on a losing streak.  However, Natro is leading the league in average, and the Buttresses are going to be in the second game of a doubleheader.  Dr. Thunder needs to perform better or face a mutiny.






19 thoughts on “Lines, Lines, Everywhere Lines

  1. I bowl 3 times tops per week, but I also don’t split hairs, so I’ll leave it at that.

    The real deal? The real deal is the fact that you and I go back and forth on this website for a majority of the year, and ever since I’ve met you (a regrettable event in my life) I’ve stayed late and helped Bayside oil the lanes with your tears. I talk smack and beat you, you talk smack and look up the stat board. This is fact, aka the real deal.

    1. you got a date at the end of the season my friend, we shall see who comes out on top that night. You are right all that counts is the win, not the stats so that’ll be what’s on the line end of the year.

      1. I’m just gonna assume you mean week 10, and you’re right, that will be the end of your season, you know, cuz you won’t be making the playoffs and all. The Kneez crew has bigger plans. The end of our season involves a trophy and bottles of champagne, enjoy the sho bro.

    2. fact is, nobody stays late to help oil the lanes, tears or no tears. the night you hang out to clean up the hair, dust, beer, french fries, and tears off the lanes is the night i lick dick’s fun dust off the approaches and ball returns.

      1. Did I mistake my fun dust stash for my chalk and my chalk for my fun dust this week? Shit, you might actually want to get down on that i.h.

        I do appreciate all that is done by you and the entire bayside staff, except that new guy who uses a thimble to measure tequila shots.

        The league is cranking and the Pickers are riding the wave in this Bo Po Ocean made of tears, and in this Ocean, Hungus is Poseidon, invisible hand is the lifeguard, Tango is a Sea Cucumber, and Thunder is the bucket of American Coronas on the beach. I am the Walrus.

      2. always with respect dick. thank you for the new position. i am already picking out some trunks, and wait ’till you see my new chair.

  2. I wouldn’t call X9/ a choke, maybe you would, hard to choke in a game where you left no opens, I need a XXX to take high couldn’t come up with it.

      1. Nothing really. Thunder told me he wanted to roll you in the 3rd game last week and bench himself but you told him he should roll. Then he left the 10th open and you lost. Probably just Thunder trying to cheer himself up or something.

      2. I’d already rolled two games. This isn’t the playoffs.

        If you are sitting someone who has only played one game in the early part of the regular season to win one match, that’s pretty ridiculous.

      3. Agreed. However, Thunder is pretty much the definition of ridiculous, so you never know. (No Blunder, I don’t mean you have ridiculous talent/skills)

  3. “Dr. Thunder needs to perform better or face a mutiny.”

    That mutiny began a long time ago, and got more focused after an open tenth frame by me last week…………

    You will notice we all have pails for bailing water this evening.

    Can a captain trade himself???? (Yes Tango, I know, no one would trade for me….)

    Tonight I dominate!

      1. Thanks dude want that second ball in the tenth back to go for that XXX again to try and take you out, falling 211-207, nice rolling. T$ is a beast, you got a solid squad, good luck the rest of the way. That was a good time last night.

      2. Here’s the real deal dude, you bowl let’s say 5 times a week on this pattern (I’m in there once a week on non-league night if lucky). You are in multiple leagues, and still only rank 21st a meager 5.7 pins above myself who you are on record saying sucks. Doesn’t seem you are getting your monies worth for a self-proclaimed “good bowler”. Can’t wait to wipe my ass with you later on in the season.

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