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Smack talk board heating up.  Sort of like me during my 400 games per week after hours.   That said, not much change in the rankings, top 4 all the same.

1. (1) Dick’s Pick’s Vol. 2 (5-1): Had one week not in first, but look like they’ll hold it for a while now after beating back the two closest challengers.  Yao, Bama and Dick are 8,10,11, better than any other team’s top 3.

2. (2) Roll Models (3-2): Still have the 2nd best average in the league after a close loss to Dick’s.  Bustah’s on the prowl.

3. (3) Bowling on Bath Salts (4-1): Exciting win for these guys.  Finally got Bubbles bowling.

4. (4) Flying Buttresses (4-2): Split a very competitive double-header.  T-$ and Gutterboy as good a 1-2 punch as there is in the league.

5. (8) Split For Brains (3-3): Precious did show up and dominate, but Pauly got his own 257.  This team quietly has 3rd best average in the league.

6. (10) Deez Knees (3-3): Rollercoaster team.  Win one lose one.

7. (6) Wilfork Y.F.O. (2-3): All the 2-3 teams look about the same right now, but these guys have the highest average of the group by a tiny amount.

8. (7) Ooh, That’s A Bingo (3-3): They are .500, so they have to get some credit.

9. (9) Shake N Bake (1-4): 5th best average, one win.

10. (13) Supah Deep (2-3): Have beaten two of the three other 2-3 teams.  Three different rollers (Cookie, Slow Roll and Probie) each took top point in a game this week.

11. (11) Lane’s Addiction (2-3): 2-0 with Tron.

12. (5) Hebros (2-3): Impossible to predict this team, capable of beating or losing to anyone.

13. (12) Slackers (1-4): Bombpop took offense to a perceived slight in the blog and recaptured top overall average.  Nice rolling.  Now, some wins are in order.

24 thoughts on “More Power

  1. Nurse Blunder,
    Please see my edits below. I hope this helps you.

    “Dr. Thunder October 18, 2012 at 6:36 pm ·
    I have no time buddy; I have a job. Maybe you could become my editor? As payment, I could help you with your shitty bowling skills. You should quit LOS because their score decreases when you have to roll. No offense. (This sentence seems out of place. Did you mean to put it here?)

    Also, you kill their fun factor with your self-absorbed surly/moodiness. (Almost no corrections! Nice sentence retard! Actually, I take back the praise. I question that you actually knew the word ‘surly’. Did you look this word up or did your wife help you?)

    Actually, my boy Dick could help you out with your bowling. He is also left-handed and he doesn’t throw a backhanded straight ball.”

      1. Almost…
        Dr. Thunder October 18, 2012 at 7:04 pm · Reply →
        Sweet edits! Thank you. This new partnership/venture could prove to be quite fruitful.

    1. “meger” was egregious, that’s the only reason I pointed it out. I wasn’t trying to turn smack talk into Grammar 101, this is getting out of hand. Back to personal attacks, sick raps and defamation please?

      1. Oh? What happened to the Reign of Natro? 1st to 5th in 1 week? Also, what’s your team’s record right now? I suggest you stop looking at that banner on the wall and focus on the pocket cuz I’m coming for ya. (by the way, anyone else think their banner looks like vomit? Nice color scheme.)

      2. Shit, I only fell to 5th? Must not have drank enough beer. I should easily be out of the top 20 with you by the time this season is over.

        I’m not really a good bowler. Can pick up spares like a bastard, though.

      3. The whole self-deprecation thing isn’t fooling anyone. We all know you masturbate to pictures of you masturbating.

      4. Sounds like projection bub. Maybe you should go see someone about your insecurities.

      5. Mr. Stiffy king of all ego blame it on late night oil pattern drying up short Napoleon also sux. He was really good in his CA bowling league though. Don’t ask, he’ll just tell you.

      1. Stiffy has worked his ass off to get to #28, give him some credit Tango, keeps himself to a strict one beer limit on the evening to cull that 175.

        Don’t see Sgrouse anywhere on there, must be down a bit, maybe the backhanded straight ball technique isn’t all it is cracked out to be?

      2. Well I was 99% sure I was wrong when I posted that, I was just refusing to acknowledge your phallic reference. Maybe if you showed up on a weekly basis instead of playing tennis I’d actually be in the know regarding your bowling. Who do you think you are anyway? Precious? (too tall) Bombpop? (too tall)

      3. Nurse Blunder,
        Please, please think and edit before you post. Your grammer is at a 6th-7th grade level. Perhaps you can ask Ollie to help you?

      4. Douchegrouse, no time buddy, I have a job. Maybe you can be my editor, and I can help you with your shitty bowling skills. You should quit LOS because they go way down when you have to roll, no offense.

        Also you kill their fun factor with your self-absorbed surly/moodiness.

        Actually my boy Dick can help you out, he is lefty and doesn’t go backhanded straight ball………

      5. Sorry S-grouse gotta edit this, I took a jab at your bowling prowess, while I stand by the betting on luck backhanded lefty bowling technique is most likely not the best way to the pocket I am on record saying I could care less about bs beer bowling, which is true. So if it makes you happy, have at it hoss.

        I do stand by the statement that you are a fun-killing-team-killer though. Too much Charlies Bukowski no doubt.

      6. ShitbagGRouse

        “Your grammer is at a 6th-7th grade level.”

        You look like a fucking idiot when you question peoples’ “grammer” and spell the word grammar wrong. Maybe, this is why people leave your team every year?

      7. Man, people are getting pretty technical out here.

        Although I guess if you question one’s spelling and then spell something wrong you should probably be called out on it.

        Touche Ripping One Off Watcher.

        Although I question watching people “rip one off” being your thing.

        To each his own.

        Roll Bork!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Kneez crew moves up 4 spots, biggest upswing of the week? Sounds about right. Get used to that, people.

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