Fast Last Lines

Early Games

Ooh, That’s A Bingo (7-3) -3 vs Shake N Bake (2-7): Shake N Bake has to win, and Bingo has almost nothing at stake.  I think that works the opposite of what one would think, and a relaxed Bingo pulls it off over a pressing Bake.

Supah Deep (3-7) -1 vs Flying Buttresses (5-5): Allow me to contradict myself.  Supah Deep must win and get some help, The Buttrii are already in the postseason, at least as a play-in.  T-$ will be hard to beat, as usual, but Supah Deep finds a way to postpone the inevitable.

Lane’s Addiction (3-6) -3 vs Bowling on Bath Salts (8-2): The Bath Salts don’t really need it, and they aren’t the same without Tso.  Lane’s is desperate and much to the chagrin of the other bad record teams, I think they pull it off.

Roll Models (7-3) -3 vs Wilfork Y.F.O. (4-5): Roll Models have been solid all year.  Wilfork is facing a tough one here and a loss will make their second game that much more intense.

Late Games

Lane’s Addiction (3-6) -3 vs Wilfork Y.F.O. (4-5): This is the second half of a Lane’s sweep to lock up a playoff spot.  Likewise I think it’s the second half of a Wilfork crash that has them watching the scoreboard hoping for help.

Split For Brains (5-5) -3 vs Hebros (4-6): The Hebros are game for anything, and have played tough against the top teams, but Precious is just killing it right now.  Lots of teams at the bottom cheering for Splits, while Hebros try to block it out and take care of business to wrap up a playoff spot.

Shake N Bake (2-7) -1 vs Deez Knees (4-6): Shake N Bake will have been eliminated, and get really loose.  Deez Knees will know how close everything is and stare at the scoreboard.  Shake N Bake wins and finishes happy.

Dick’s Picks Vol. 2 (8-2) – 3 vs Slackers (4-6):  Dick’s will rebound to clinch 1st place.  Slackers look bound to end up in that giant tie of potential 4-7 teams.





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