Big night for Seatown who led the Slackers comeback with a 242!  Precious also took top dog back.  And Dick’s Pick’s suffered a surprise loss – congrats Buttrii.

Power rankings are probably moot at this point.  Here’s the deal.

Dicks Picks – Clinch top seed with a win or Bath Salt loss.  Worst they can do is 2nd place.

Bath Salts – Clinch top seed with a win and Dick’s loss.  Worst they finish is 2nd place.

Oooh, That’s  A Bingo – Clinched playoff spot.  # 3 with a win or Rol Model loss.  Worst they can finish is #4.

Roll Models – 3rd place if they win and Bingo loses, otherwise 4th place.

Split For Brains – Guaranteed at least a play-in, clinch top 6 spot with a win

Buttresses – Same as Split For Brains

Wilfork, Hebros, Deez and Slackers – Any of them can clinch play-in spots with a win.  Wilfork gets two tries with a doubleheader

Supah Deep – Clinch play in with win AND a loss from two of Deez Knees, Hebros and Lane’s Addiction and possibly point differential

Lane’s Addiction – Clinch play-in with two wins, or one win and loss by Supah Deep and Slackers plus, maybe,  point differential

Shake N Bake – Clinch play in with two wins and a miracle, but not mathematically eliminated



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