BoPo 2013 more info, team swap

I’ve been told that The Cunning Linguists are bringing back La Gatita, and the rest of the team is still together (including Pauly and Gutterslut from draft league).  They were in Tuesday B, but I am switching them to Tuesday A, and Saucy Posse will be in Tuesday B.

Now, an explanation of A and B.  It really has no impact on anything.  It determines your regular season schedule, but for playoff purposes, all divisions are equal.  The top 6 teams in each of the four divisions get a first round bye in the playoffs.  The bottom 4 from each division will play on Play-In Sunday to get into the playoffs.  The 7th place team on Tuesday A would play the 10th place team on Thursday B.  The 10th place team on Tuesday A would play the 7th place team on Thursday B, and so on.

So, playing in B is not a demotion to another league, it is just an attempt to manage a 40 team schedule and give everyone a chance at a competitive regular season.  Plus, who can forget that last year’s play-in winners had a lot of success, with Balls of Fury taking Back in Black to tthe final frame, and Young and Bowled dispatching Team BEER.



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