#8 Buttresses beat #9 Slackers 3-2

#10 Supah Deep beat #7 Deez Knees 4-1 (812-810 total pins)


#5 Split For Brains beat #4 Ooh, That’s A Bingo 8-7 (after trailing 6-4)

#3 Roll Models beat #6 Lane’s Addiction (9-1 after 2 games)

#10 Supah Deep beat # 2 Bath Salts 8-7

#1 Dick’s Pick’s Vol. 2 beat # 8 Buttresses 7.5-7.5 (Buttresses took all 5 points in game 3) Bama over T-$ in bowl-off 223-214



SEMIS on Thursday

#1 Dick’s Pick’s Vol. 2 vs #5 Split For Brains

#3 Roll Models vs #10 Supah Deep


2 thoughts on “Results

  1. What I meant to type is we will win this easy, and it won’t even be close.

    And, yes, I will tell you about it every time I see you.

    Dick’s Picks Volume 2 is straight up fucking unstoppable!

    You’ve be warned!

  2. Epic Roll-Off! One for the ages. Congrats to Bama and T$ for such a great show. While the winner of this draft league may be long-forgotten in years to come (unless it is Dick’s Picks, as I will continually remind you), the memories of this roll-off will stand the test of time.

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