BoPo 2013 Pre-Season Rankings…Coming Soon

I’ve done the rankings, and may make a few more tweaks before releasing the writeup.  One interesting note is the breakdown of Draft Leaguers by BoPo team, as I think that’s a pretty good indicator of teams making a move.  These teams had at least 3.

BoPo 2013 Team                                         Draft Leaguers

L.O.S.                                                                       6

Turkey Club                                                            6

Yay!                                                                          6

Walkaways (changing name soon)                    5

Linguists                                                                 5

Off Constantly                                                        4

Binga’s                                                                     4

B.E.E.R.                                                                  3

Back In Black                                                        3

TDYOB                                                                    3

My Balls                                                                  3

Saucy Posse                                                            3



One thought on “BoPo 2013 Pre-Season Rankings…Coming Soon

  1. We only had two, Pistol Petedoesn’t count as he graciously turned down our offer to stick with Y&B. Although you are probably counting Dick Liquor since he got booted from OC, or you are counting me as two because I am so mother fucking awesome.

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