I See You Rolled Your Way Into The Semis…

That was about as good a night of bowling as BoPo has ever produced.

It started with Hungus edging Jerk 257-256 and Supah Deep winning it’s play-in over Deez Knees 812-810.  It finished with the Buttreses winning game 3 against Dick’s 5-0 to force a roll off.  Dick played Bama despite Bama’s night of 161-147-147.  Bama responded with a thrilling 223-214 win over a game T-$.  In between those matches we had a couple of 8-7 wins, six 250’s, five 240’s and four 230’s.  It will be hard to top that for excitement, but the stakes only get higher.

#3 Roll Models (8-3) -3 vs #10 Supah Deep (6-7): This is a rematch of a Roll Models victory that came down to the final frame.  Roll Models had the least exciting quarterfinal match last night, cruising to a 9-1 win in two games.  They didn’t mind the lack of tension.  They are led by Double Cheese, who has made the proverbial leap to become one of the top bowlers in the league.  He finished second to Precious in average, and didn’t slow up in the first round of the playoffs, rolling 251-205.  Snapshot has been the surprise, and looks like the steal of the draft going in the last round.  He also posted a 257 last night, and has the season high game with a 278.  Bustah has been a little off his normal pace, but is a constant 200 threat.  Barry Violet is facing an interesting situation as his Business League team is also in their championship on Thursday.  If Roll Models win the semis, he’ll be simultaneously playing in two championship games.  Captain Big Red (139.0 avg) and Rufio! (137.9) hold the key for these guys as the competition gets tougher.

Supah Deep is feeling like a team of destiny.  From the final week of the season, when it took six straight must-hit strikes to sneak into the playoffs, to an 812-810 play-in win, to an 8-7 quarterfinal win, everything has broken their way for the last couple games.  Hungus is out of his end of season slump in a big way and looking forward to a rematch with the Cheese.  Cookie has stepped forward this season, and seems to have put the old Cookie ‘one game on, one game off’ pattern behind him.  Probie has rebounded from a tough early season to post some big numbers in clutch situations, including a 216 in the play-in.  Captain Slow Roll came up big with a 167-156 quarterfinal.  Chernobes has won two titles in her career (BoPo 2009, BoPo draft 2010) but missed the championship game both times, so she is itching to get back and be a part of one.  Rick Vaughn had his best moment of the year in the quarters, rallying for 4th place with back to back marks in the 9th and 10th.

Both teams are playing well, but Roll Models looks to have the edge given they have two guys who keep putting up monster scores.

#5 Split For Brains (7-5) -1 vs #1 Dick’s Pick’s Vol. 2 (9-3):  Precious has dominated Draft League, and staked his claim as league top bowler.  He didn’t slow up in the playoffs, rolling a what for him is now typical 220-244-248.  Yeah, that’s a 712 series.  He’s not doing it alone, however, as over the last few weeks Roadhouse has been a top 10 bowler (204-175-211 last night), and Pauly is putting up at least one giant score a week (250 last night).  Lt. Striker is a wild card – he missed the quarterfinals, and is a streaky bowler.  Bora Bora is their leading woman, she finished the season with a 140.4 average.  Marne Asada is a quiet 6th bowler, but every once in a while silently kills pins.

Dick’s has to be breathing a huge sigh of relief after blowing a 7.5-2.5 lead only to be bailed out by a clutch Bama bowl-off performance.  Bama had a completely uncharacteristic off night for him, but stepped up when it mattered with his 223.  Yao is still maintaining, building on his breakout year.  Dick has been off for a few weeks, averaging a 160.5 last night, but now he’s got another chance, and he’s impossible to count out – you never know when he’ll stumble on to a 250 game.  Ralphie has been a revelation, and her 159 average (192-166 last night!) gives Dick’s a strong edge.  Redonk was off last night, but he usually follows up a tough game with a great one, so he may be primed for a big performance.  Two Koops will battle Marne in what should be a good contest.

Dick’s dominated most of the year, but showed some vulnerability with back to back losses to end the year, then a nailbiter in the first round.  Meanwhile Precious’ momentum has just kept building and he is untouchable right now.  With Roadhouse and Pauly behind him, these guys look like champions.



If it’s a battle of the twin-towers, I’ll take Precious’ crew by 1.

Prediction: Split For Brains, 2012 Draft League Champs


I encourage folks to come check it out, it’s fun to watch with a crowd, and make it much more fun for the bowlers to have their friends cheering and/or heckling them on.



3 thoughts on “I See You Rolled Your Way Into The Semis…

  1. Deez Knees will be there to do our fair share of cheering and heckling and of course there is a matter of about 15 beer frames that need to be settled up – it might be cheaper for the members of the team to just buy a keg and just get it over with.

  2. Farmer and I are 100% in for the heckling and the cheering. Unreal scores last night, nice work people.

    Herk (ha-ha).

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