BoPo 2013 Season Preview: Teams 31-35 (corrected)

#35 Guacabowle (2nd season); Captain – Bowlowski; Division – Thursday B

These guys are one of the newest teams in the league, and have only known BoPo as the giant it is now.  They get this high a ranking based on their playoff performance last year where they posted a 7oo something against eventual champs The Walkaways.  Apparently they are competitive, they just hid it well.  Very curious to see how they shape up this season.

#34 Pinups (6th season); Captain – Beaujolais; Division – Tuesday B

The Pinups have been around since the dawn of BoPo time, but they are experiencing a major shakeup.  Captain Big Ern has disappeared, and Beaujolais is stepping into the void in only her 2nd season.  These guys have had some big games in the past but also have had a lot of turnover.  Chunk was an occasional ringer.  Hugh Manatee seems to have left the squad.  We’ll see what Beaujolais does with this franchise, which is still looking for a signature win.

#33 Lesbowlians (5th season); Captain – Trixy; Division – Tuesday B

No B division team has shown more dedication to BoPo.  Captain Trixy and Downtown even had their wedding reception at the lanes this Summer.  Tilt-A-Whirl has been honing her game in the Draft League and continues to be the competitive spark for this crew.  Could this be the year they break through for their first postseason victory?

#32 Three Livers (6th season); Captain – Pearl; Division – Tuesday B

Another team that’s been around from the get go.  They don’t all raft anymore, but they still party (sometimes with a baby in tow).  Fred was non-plussed about the ‘demotion’ to Tuesday B, but he’ll have a chance to laugh last as all teams are in the same playoffs.  Pearl, Bernie and Wilma are old-school Livers who do their part to sustain the original BoPo vibe.  Playing these guys is always a good time, and if you’re lucky you might score some M&M’s.

#31 D-GUTS (3rd season); Captain – Cap’n Collection; Division – Tuesday B

D-GUTS came in BoPo with some decent expectations after coming off a 2010 Media League title.  They haven’t every really recaptured that magic.  They have some potential, but need consistency from their Cap’n.  They have a realistic shot at a top 6 finish in Tuesday B and the automatic playoff bid that goes with it.



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