5 thoughts on “Pre-season Tourney Poll

  1. I would like to see some form of doubles or foursomes, but set up some rules and conditions where the leading team and possibly second place team after 1,2,3 games etc, is able to send/swap people to other teams, on or from their team… and/or in the game make the opposing team do certain things, like if you get a team turkey/beer frame/personal hambone/ someone throws a gutter, etc, the opponent is then required to bowl with the opposite hand for a ball, between the legs, etc. The card game asshole comes to mind to draw a comparison, but instead of getting the best card, you get the best player. It will definitely take a little thought and maybe a few trials, but it’s really about trying to build and break alliances and create some absurd bowling shots that will be fun to watch.

  2. 4-player baker style, pick your own team. Play your best BoPo lineup or mix and match inter-team style to form a lineup even Santa himself would envy. I bet that guy can roll.

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