BoPo 2013 Season Preview: Teams 26-30

So, at first I wondered if anyone would be bothered by their low rankings, but I am fairly sure no one but Dr. Thunder and Tango are checking the board yet.  Actually, Bernie did catch my name snafu.  Or Dr. was ghost posting again.

Oh, and all these previews assume these teams will pay their dues.  If not we may just have a shorter list of teams.

Anyway, here’s some more hot BoPo preview coming at you.

30. Happy Hands Productions (6th season); Captain – Sasha Northfield; Division – Thursday B

This is the 3rd of the original 8 to be listed (Wrecking Balls f.k.a. Purple Haze,Three Livers).  Like the previous two, HHP has yet to make their mark from a bowling persepective, but always brings good names and coastal fashion to the table.  Sasha Northfield is working on making the leap with a new hook, and often a Captain upping her game is the best signal that a team is going to start improving.  Lots of Original BoPoers still on this roster, from Jasper L. Pond to Mitten Woodmore to Mookie Oak.  Munj did seem to break through a bit in draft league, and combined with the slick Marv Gomez these veterans could make a run at the Thursday B division title.

29. Bowlderdash (4th season); Captain – Michael Bowlton (Captain of the Year 2010); Division – Thursday B

These guys have already paid, so that’s cool.  They’ve also been practicing.  They may seem quiet and disinterested, but that’s just their stye, and it’s misleading.  They have a quiet determination about them and play the game to win.  Just, you know, a little less aggressively.  Dombomb is their top bowler heading in.  They did make the move from Tuesday to Thursday, and are one of four teams I expect to have a shot at the Thursday B crown.

28. Clockwork Oranges (? season); Captain – Riggs (Captain of the Year 2008); Division – Thursday B

Riggs has led a BoPo team since the first season.  He coached his original squad, Dirty Half Dozen, to back to back Finals appearances.  In short, he’s got managerial chops.  Over the last few seasons, however, his roster has turned over as fast as his literary name concepts.  He has captained the White Whale, the Tequila Mockingbirds, and now this.  A little of the old ‘ultra-violence’ in store for BoPo?  This ranking is based solely on his managing as guessing his roster is impossible (since their names change annually).  Riggs will certainly enjoy welcoming his rival Michael Bowlton to the division, and their March 14th showdown could determine the winner of the Thursday B title belt.

27. I.C.B.I.N.G. (5th season); Captain – Peanut Gutter; Division – Tuesday B

This team could make a midseason appearance in the top 20 and i wouldn’t be shocked, but going in to the season they have a lot of question marks.  It’s possible they still haven’t fully recovered as a franchise from their 3v4 play-in loss to Goldilocks in 2011.  Peanut Gutter is probably the best bowler on any team listed so far in the rankings, but not sure who fills out the roster this year.  Hollywood overcame a rough start in Draft League to post some decent scores.  Honey Badger may be back, but last year after a huge start he fell back to the pack.  Fabio also had an off season.  That said, these guys do have what it takes to pull an upset or two, and will probably thrive back on Tuesdays  – they really want the league to drink more, and Tuesday will oblige.

26. Incredibowls (5th season); Captain – Red Hot Hands; Division – Tuesday B

This team loves the ‘nobody believes in us’ angle, so Boston will probably print this ranking  out and post it for motivation.  Or maybe he’s still riding his high from recently capturing the Media League title that has eluded him for two seasons.  Sweet Baby Lou is back and we’ve all seen him put up big games.  They need strong showings from Poops McGee and Shibbs to move up the rankings.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them bring in a free agent.  This team is known for it’s playoff runs, so if you’re a contender who draws these guys early in the tourney, look out.




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