BoPo 2013 Season Preview: Teams 21-25

Recap (40-26)

#40 Goldilocks and the 5 Spares

#39 5 O’Clock Somewheres

#38 Lovernauts

#37 Splits Happen

#36 Wrecking Balls

#35 Guacabowle

#34 Pinups

#33 Lesbowlians

#32 Three Livers

#31 D-GUTS

#30 Happy Hands

#29 Bowlderdash

#28 Clockwork Oranges


#26 Incredibowls



#25 No-Eye-Deer (2nd Season); Captain – Disco Welder ; Division – Tuesday B

Shifter Pawl may be the best player in B this season, and therefore No Eye Deer has a real shot at winning Tuesday B.  Not sure who they’ve targeted in free agency, though they have been active and I’m sure the cool unis are a good incentive for prospective rollers.  Deez Nutz is always capable of a big game, and Disco Welder is a sweet name.  These guys could very easily knock off an A division team in the playoffs.

#24 Roll Another (5th Season); Captain – Chupacabra; Division – Thursday B

These veterans are the pre-season favorite to take down the Thursday B crown.  Uncle Buck has shown he can be a big roller, and The Package has a history of closing out games with four or five strikes on a somewhat regular basis.  This team has always needed just a little more from Chup himself.  He sets a nice, mellow tone as a Captain, but this year needs some bigger numbers.  When he rolls well the team gets fired up and is a very tough out.  He has been in practicing so Roll Another could have a lot of wins this season.

#23 (Derelicte) My Balls (6th Season); Captain – Bubbles; Division – Tuesday B

Last year was a tough one for My Balls, but they are likely to bounce back.  Bubbles and Barry Violet don’t drive 55 miles each way just to get pushed around.  They always have depth, and this year Bubbles will likely lead them on a party resurgance.  While this team has never featured an ace, they always have a lot of depth.  Their schedule looks very manageable, and an 8 to 10 win season is a strong possibility.

#22 UREA! (4th Season); Captain – J-Bird; Division – Tuesday B

UREA! has always been a fascinating team.  They feature one of the best bowlers in BoPo in T-$.  They always have low numbers and are generally relieved when they get four people at the lanes.  They have gone from doormat to competitor, and now jump over to Tuesday B where they will face new competition.  T-$, Knuckles and J-Bird are a solid starting three.  They will need Tecumseh to have his breakout season to make some noise in the postseason.

#21 Saucy Posse (6th Season); Captain – up for grabs?; Division – Tuesday B

SauPo was a last minute move to Tuesday B, and they would love to dominate the division.  The Walter, Hot Sauce, Redonk combo is definitely the strongest in B.  Part of me thinks they will have a monster year and finally get some playoff success as a reaction to a perceived slight.  They will be happy seeing lots of old school teams on their schedule, I’m sure, and are looking forward to reuniting with Three Livers and My Balls.



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  1. If you followed us, you would have known that No Eye Deer picked up Dirty Sylon from the Restaurant League. He is Dwayne Luther’s cousin and almost as good.

    He’ll be a solid 165 bowler by the end of the season.

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