BoPo 2013 Preview: Teams 10-6

I was going to do one a day, but why wait.  Oh, and with only four teams having paid and secured team slots, there are currently actually only four teams in the league, and four teams with a shot at the title.

#10 T.D.Y.O.B. – 3rd season; Captain – Dr. Thunder; Division – Thursday A

This one is sure to inspire a bit of controversy.  As you all know, they are just looking to hang out, drink a few beers and if they win a few games, so be it, right?  Whatever their goals, TDYOB got the notice of the league for more than just Dr. antics when they made a stunning drive all the way to last year’s Final Four.  They have flirted with a few big name free agents in the offseason but as of yet nothing seems to have transpired.  That leaves them with a very small roster of Dr. Thunder, Space Farmer, Roy Munson and Sneaky Pete.  They need a little more depth to make the next leap forward, though the short roster strategy did work out okay for them last year.

#9 Guns of Brighton – 2nd Season; Captain – Invisible Hand; Division – Thursday A

These guys were one point away from the semis last year.  Can they improve on that?  They bring back 2012 League MVP Mr. Pickles and that is certainly a solid foundation to build on.  They did lose CoCo Lopez, but Seatown emerged over draft league as a solid starter.  The rest of the roster has a lot of potential but not a lot of proven results.  Captain Invisible Hand had a rough draft league but the pattern change is good chance to hit the reset button, and he did finish a surprising #4 in average on Thursdays last year..  BowlTron 3030 is their energy guy, but he is hoping to be more than a gimmick player.  That leaves Strike Tyson, who also may find the new pattern to his liking with his long, slow looper.  All in all I think they held steady – not sure they got better. That said, they had a real shot at the title last year.

#8 Turkey Club – 2nd Season; Captain – Roadhouse; Division – Tuesday A

These guys burst on to the BoPo scene last year in a big way with a Finals appearance and the coveted Team of the Year trophy.  They didn’t let the laurels go to their head, either, and have perhaps put in more combined practice time than any other team in the last 8 months.  Roadhouse blew up in the Draft League helping Precious an Pauly grab a title.  Herk-A-Leez closed Draft League strong as well finally notching that elusive league 200.  In fact, the entire XXX roster played Draft League.  So why only #8?  A few reasons.  First, everyone is aiming for them now after their run last year.  Ask O.C. (6-6 last year) what happens when every team is gunning for you.  Second, Tango just “fell down the stairs” and separated his shoulder.  That moves Samsquampch up to the three spot.  Bora Bora and Two Koops got Draft League seasoning, and playoff experience from last year, but are still relatively new.  This team may face a tougher regular season this year, but they will once again be in the running for a finals appearance once playoffs start.

#7 Binga’s Ringas – 6th Season; Captain – Jamaican Jerk; Division – Tuesday A

Could this be the year of the Binga’s revival?  This franchise was dominant for two years, but hasn’t been past the quarters for the last couple years.  The biggest issue facing them is General Tso’s Luke Skywalker hand.  How and when is that thing going to heal up?  Jerk is an unquestioned ace at the top of the lineup, a luxury only a small handful of teams have.  Cookie made the leap in this year’s Draft League and has been putting in a ton of time.  If the General returns to form, that’s a very, very good trio.  They also have savvy veteran Chernobylayne who will put up strong scores, and mojo man Mango Mike to inspire them.  These guys are a marquee franchise and it would be good for the league to see them competing for banners again.  If Tso comes back, that could start as soon as this year.

#6 Body English (E.R.) – 6th Season; Captain – Karl Hungus; Division – Tuesday A

Of all the moves in the offseason none was a as big as Cheddar’s retirement.  He has been the steady hand on B.E.E.R. for all five years they’ve existed, won an M.V.P., a Top Dog and a Championship.  He’s a surefire 1st ballot BoPo hall of famer.  That said, this team with Cheddar got knocked out in the first round of the playoffs last year, blowing an 11-2 regular season.  Enter Natro.  B.E.E.R. signed Natro after he picked up his 1st BoPo title last year as a Walkaway.  There won’t be much pressure on him, as Natro is not expected to replace Cheddar, but he does give Captain Hungus a very strong running partner as Hungus tries to assume the anchor role.  Filthy McNasty is another wild card.  He’s a BoPo favorite and reigning Lookin’ Good Award winner, and comes to league hungry after sitting out Draft League.  He’s a great leadoff guy and sets the tone for the whole squad.  Slow Roll finished in the top 8 for women in draft league, and Queen Bee’s new Shatter gives her explosive potential.  Tom Richards will try to prove he’s more than just pants.  B.E.E.R. could contend for a title, but after losing their franchise bowler it’s hard to start them off higher than 6th.


9 thoughts on “BoPo 2013 Preview: Teams 10-6

  1. Yes, we have paid, we got a shoot at this thing. Who else has paid, let’s win this fucking thing!

    Roll Bork!

    1. Strikes of Hazard was the first team to pay and B.U.I. is also paid, not sure who the 4th team is or if there have been more payments yet

  2. Looks like Hungus is done typing them up so BEER can be #1.

    Also Cheddar posted on Facebook saying he is back, watch out below Natro!

  3. Not sure who these other posters are, but I will be honest this is way too high for us. We are just looking to hang out, have a few laughs, drink a few beers, if we happen to win a couple of games along the way, so be it.

    Roll Bork!

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