Thoughts on BoPo Eve

Hey BowlPortland,

Tomorrow night we kick off season 6 of our league.  The league is strong and getting stronger.  We’ve developed some actual bowlers without losing the overall character of our league as a place to drink and unwind with friends in crazy shirts once a week.  We’ve grown from a conversation between Bubles and myself, to 12 teams,  to 40 (actually down from 42 last year in an attempt to keep it manageable in size).  The depth of the league has improved to the point where there are 10-12 teams with a shot at the title this year, far more than in the past, and a full 40 teams with a guaranteed shot at having a blast.  We’ve got a killer league DJ returning to Tuesdays in Mo, and a new addition coming in to DJ on Thursdays.  We’ve become the #2 seller of Moosehead in the country (after Epcot center), eh.  We used to have one or two players throwing hooks, now we have 200 people with their own balls and shoes.

Most importantly to me, BowlPortland is the heart and soul of Bayside Bowl.  You all have made it possible for me to open this place and now that we are booming you help maintain our vibe by being an amazing crew of regulars.  You’ve allowed Portland to have a locally owned and run downtown bowling alley instead of some Lucky Strikes or Kings chain setting up shop (which definitely was going to happen).  You’ve allowed us to be absolutely unique in the boutique bowling alley business by pairing real, honest to goodness, sanctioned, legitimate bowling with our excellent food and cocktails.  (Ever tried rolling at the other hip places with their string pinsetters and total lack of lane maintenance?)  BowlPortland is a force and I will always appreciate your enthusiasm for the game and for Bayside Bowl.

Now get back to trash talking team B.E.E.R. or whomever you want.  A new season starts tomorrow!

Karl Hungus, BoPo Commissioner

8 thoughts on “Thoughts on BoPo Eve

  1. Surely you weren’t talking about Dr Thunder and Tango here:

    “you help maintain our vibe by being an amazing crew of regulars.”

    Ha ha

    Now get a room you two!!

      1. Dude, you are literally one of the biggest douche bags and chokers that I have ever met.

  2. You would think we could be the #1 US buyer of Moosehead considering Epcot charges $6.75 a glass. Clearly we need to up our drinking game.

  3. “We’ve become the #2 seller of Moosehead in the country (after Epcot center), eh. ”

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard this year. Even funnier than the 5 points OC is favored to win by tomorrow night. Let’s do this!!

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