Thursday Lines

Hey, it’s unorthodox to post them early, but why let Tuesday have all the fun.

Game of the Night

5:45 A Div #4 Yay! (-5) vs Snakes On A Lane:  Why the game of the night with a 5 point spread?  Well Yay! ‘won the offseason’ for Thursday teams.  G.O.B. and TDYOB went further and are both back strong, but Yay! players really killed it in Draft League.  This is their first opportunity to see if it translates.  They have a shot to place all 6 players on the Thursday all-star team, with Romo and Smallwood battling for top average.  At least on paper.  Snakes on a Lane is no slouch, and this game is representative of their extremely tough schedule (Back in Black, LOS and Sons of Danarchy for crossovers).  They have nothing to lose, and the drive to pull an upset.  Plus 2013 is the Year of the Snake.

Early Games

B Div: Guacabowle (-1) vs Clockwork Oranges:  Guac has had three members in here practicing a lot.  They are looking to build on an encouraging playoff performance.  Clockwork is the fourth name in 6 years for Riggs’ squad.  They also had a huge playoff win knocking out LOS, but they had yet another roster shakeup.  Coco Lopez joins her 3rd team in 3 years.

B Div: Bowlderdash (-1) vs Lesbowlians:  The Lesbowlians welcome Bowlderdash to Thursday night.  Tilt-A-Whirl leads them into battle, with the added comfort they’ve gained from Trixie and Downtown’s Bayside Bowl wedding this Summer.  Michael Bowlton is excited about the change of scenery and his team will feel at home on Thursdays.  I think they start off with a narrow victory.

A Div: Cape Fear (-3) vs Sweet Rolls:  This one is interesting as both of these teams are right on the cusp of competing for the Thursday A crown.  If either of them is going to make run they need to at least beat the other.  Dill and E-Minor headline Cape Fear, though old school BoPo watchers will recognize their new player, Wing Alex of 2008 Binga’s fame.  The Sweet Rolls have the same roster as the last few years I believe, with the hard throwing Hot Tamale and the always game Frenchy and Swiss Cake.  Look for killer moves from 2012 Strike Dance winner Sugar.

B Div: Roll Another (-1) vs Happy Hands Productions:  Speaking of old-school, these are two original BoPo franchises.  Both had solid season last year and could make runs at the Thursday B crown this year.  The Package vs Marv Gomez should make for good watching, and Uncle Buck’s unorthodox slow ball is interesting viewing as well.  Sasha Northfield led her team to a great record last year and is looking for more in 2013.

Late Games

A Div: BUI (-3) vs Young and the Bowled:  BUI lost some solid players, but Captain Snapshot has shown signs he can lead them, and they made a smart signing in Hexy.  Y&B is still high on last year’s playoff upset, but Lou Dawg retired and new Captain Pistol Pete seems in over his head as they have not paid or responded to any emails.

B Div: Wrecking Balls (-1) vs 5 O’Clocks:  The Dude made some addition by subtraction moves, and hopes he’s got an improved roster.  His only new player is the league’s youngest ever, Dude Jr.  The 5 O’s are the BoPo squad least emotionally impacted by the scores they put up.  They still get props for doing team dinners here.

A Div: TDYOB (-3) vs Pinny Candy:  Thunder and Skittles have been trash talking already in advance of this matchup.  TDYOB made a magical run to the semis last year and wants to follow that up with a strong start.  Pinny Candy may have some rust on a lot of their guys (if they can even show given that it’s the first week of legislative session) but Skittles will give them a solid foundation.

A Div: G.O.B. (-5) vs I.B.S.: Wut What and Oolie move to Thursday and are likely to get a rude welcome facing one of the night’s best.  Mr. Pickles is out to defend his MVP crown, and Seatown has made huge strides.  No idea what the balance of the I.B.S. roster looks like, but regardless of the first week’s otcome they are going to be very happy in their new night.

A Div: Lovernauts (-3) vs Bad News Spares:  The Lovernauts could have an interesting season with their new schedule.  They showed flashes of quality last year with an upset over TDYOB.  The Bad News Spares are the newest version of the Great Lost Spares and Goldilocks and the 5 Spares.  They are psyched to be here and should have some sweet new threads.

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