2 v 2 League Signups Now Open

It’s back, the USBC 2 v 2 league, and this year it’s even less organized!  Here’s the deal, it’s $15/player, that covers the USBC fee and a few dollars for league maintenance.  You are responsible for scheduling your own games, and finding the time to play them and paying league rate for the lanes when you want to play.  Signups are open until Sunday, January 20th, but once there are a few teams in you can start playing them before registration is closed.  Your team has to play at least 10 games before March 14th.  Playoffs start that weekend.  You can play any team you want but you can’t play any team more than twice.  Standings and stats will be on bowlportland.com.  Signup via email to bowlportland@gmail.com or at the front desk.  The finals will be played on 4/20 before the BoPo finals.

43 thoughts on “2 v 2 League Signups Now Open

  1. Lanes open at 3 tomorrow, anyone want to get a 2 v 2 match in versus Hungus and I at 4 p.m. tomorrow?

    1. Holy shit. Hungus and Thunder on a team? Oh boy, everyone else should just forfeit and hand the championship over now. Why even roll the finals at the Bowling Ball? Everyone already knows they’re gonna win. Oooooh lordy please have mercy on our souls, why have you forsaken us by allowing such a lethal combo to exist?

      Seriously Hungus, choose who you associate with a little more carefully next time. Snooze, next.

      1. Man, a lot of sarcasm here. Precious and Cheese are the team to beat. Hungus and I are just looking to hang out, have a few laughs, drink a few beers, if we happen to win a couple along the way so be it.

        Here is Tango tonight trying to keep that avg above 200:

      2. Since when is “Dick Liquor” spelled “Tango”. I think you may have confused bowlers. Damn the aging process.

  2. What exactly is the format, I seem to recall it being slightly different then the normal structure for the normal 4v4 season.

    1. 3 games, team total in each game is worth a point. The grand total of 3 games is worth 2 points, for a total of 5 points. That was the format last year, not sure if there were any changes..

  3. The Duke and I will be lurking at the alley around around 5:15-6:45 if any 2v2 teams want to lock horns.. just saying

      1. Sweet that brings the mother/son combo teams up to two, we got a father son with Dude and Dude Jr. Anymore?

        Snapshot, if you are doing 2 v 2 who you rolling with?

      2. Ohhhhhh nevermind. The DUDE is Charlie’s brother, not the Duke. Fucking Moosehead.

      3. When you drink as much Moosehead as I do, these things tend to happen. Speaking of Moosehead, only a few more hours…..

      4. Enjoy your Moosehead hon… of course since I have known you I have never known you NOT to enjoy your Moosehead!

  4. Yes another teammate to carry you.

    First Roy, now Karl

    That is of course you don’t run him off like you did Dick Liquor and Natro.

    IBSEN is gonna crush you on Thursday

    1. I’ve been carrying Roy for years, about time he returned the favor for a week. I cut Dick. Never ran Natro off, played out a rough fall season with the dude. Dude is a great bowler.

      IBS has no one averaging 150+, they literally have no chance to beat us.

      1. I’ve been watching these guys since they came into the league.

        They are actually one of the last true party squads left. People can beat on Thunder all they want, but if you watch closely he is the heart that pumps that team’s blood, despite being an asshole.

        Two married couples, and one goofy loser in Farmer that can put up 150s every once in awhile. Quite a fun team to play against.

      2. They are actually one of the last true party squads left? Really? You must only watch TDYOB, because this league is full of party teams. Nice try Thunder

      3. Agree ton of party squads in the league, yours being one of them, in fact all these teams in this league are party squads, if they weren’t they’d be in some other damn league.

      4. I vote that there should be a “party squad of the year” award. Except more eloquently phrased, it’s Monday morning, I can’t think, fuck off. Anyway, it would encourage folks to be even more irresponsible, something I’m always a fan of.

      5. There is a “party squad of the year’ trophy. it’s called ‘team of the year’. you won last year, so congrats.

      6. Was not aware that was the metric “Team of the Year” award was based off of. That being the case, the Club is eyeing the trophy yet again. Can I get a Moosehead?

      7. team of the year encompasses a lot of subjective things, but being a party squad is a pre-requisite. it’s about sustaining the overall feel and vibe of the league, being fun to play and being over the top into your team and bowling, it’s the ultimate award the league gives out each year. it’s been won by saucy posse, lovernauts, and i’m not sure who won in 2009.

  5. The Program is gonna stomp this league, Hungus thanks in advance for carrying me.


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