2 v 2 League Note

As all of you know getting a free pair of lanes when not in league is pretty difficult these days.  You are welcome to try to get them for your 2v2 games at regular rates, but to help get these games in we’ll set aside 6 lanes from 11-1 on Saturdays and Sundays for 2v2 games that want to play.  If you play during that window your total charge for the game (which would be $36 if everyone paid by game, probably $30 for the two lanes for an hour at league rate) will be $20.  So, cheaper and more convenient.  Please try to schedule your games then.

10 thoughts on “2 v 2 League Note

    1. So now that we have gotten Tango’s idiocy out of the way, if anyone wants to play tomorrow at 4 p.m. let Hungus or I know.

      Tango my avg is the same as yours in 2 v 2, i.e., I haven’t played a match either dude.

  1. Hey shit for brains, do you speak/read English. Munson can’t make tomorrow at 4 p.m. ass-clown, so we are looking for another match tomorrow at 4 p.m. 1/16/13.

    You will tank tonight, avg. below 200 for you by the morning.

    I don’t post my scores, you are the clown that stands out in front of the lanes smoking a cigarette when I am walking in with my family that yells from the front steps to the backdoor, “I’M BACK 223, 183!!!!” Dude no one cares.

    You beat OC without Oz, you might beat Bingas without Tso, talk to me when you beat someone this year with their full lineup.

    1. You must’ve bowled like shit since you didn’t post scores. Good thing this too is a team league huh Thunder? How them 200’s coming along? I’m bowling at 8 tonight if you wanna take notes.

      1. Also I don’t go in every night to watch other people bowl, I have a life dude. You won’t see me in there watching people bowl until maybe the playoffs.

      2. Man that’s such a lie, I’ll probably be in there next week checking out the action……

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