Late Lines

Game of the Week

#2 B.E.E.R. (3-1) -3 vs #3 Yay! (3-0): B.E.E.R. is coming off a humbling blowout loss, but did average well over 700 .  Yay! is undefeated and feeling pretty good about themselves, and definitely has the best chance of any of the Thursday teams making the crossover.  BEER is missing Filthy, but Yay! gives up that advantage without Bombpop.  Jewdy will need one of those crazy nights where he puts up 240s to pull this one off, that and Mona getting her first league 200.

Early Games

#5 L.O.S. (2-2) -5 vs #8 Cape Fear (3-1): LOS is coming off a game three collapse against XXX Club, but should have Precious back and should cruise against a Thursday opponent.  This is an opportunity for Cape Fear to test themselves against one of the big dogs – remember they gave BIB all they could handle in the playoffs last year.

My Balls (2-1) -3 vs ICBING (1-2): My Balls actually have the third best average in Tuesday B.  They look to move their winning streak to three, and Barry Violet should lead the way as he has extra motivation facing Peanut Gutter.  Speaking of PG, he seems to be saving his good rolling for the 2v2 league.  ICBING goes down again.

Late Games

#1 Sons of Danarchy (3-1) (no line) over Snakes on A Lane (0-4): No bookie would take a bet on this game.  Last week SOD’s lowest score was a 181.  They are amost 250 pins better in average.  Terrible schedule making here.

#13 N.E.D. (3-0) -3 vs Splits Happen (1-2): N.E.D. is losing their best player for six weeks, but Donzarelli and Dirty Sylon should have enough to get them to 4-0.  Splits have been competitive, and this one should go to game three, but I like NED to be the last undefeated in BoPo (with a Yay! loss to BEER and a TDYOB loss to Back in Black on Thursday).

#7 Cunning Linguists (3-1) -9 vs I.B.S. (0-3):  The Linguists knocked off an excellent Binga’s team last week – now they just need to stay focused to get to 4-1.  I.B.S. is starting to bowl better but this matchup is asking too much of them.  They look like they’ll remain winless.

#16 Saucy Posse (2-1) -3 vs D-GUTS (1-2):  Walter is the best player in the match and should be the difference.  Hot Sauce’s beer frame prowess has yet to translate to league play but he is due for a breakout week.  Captain Collection’s crew has shown surprising depth and may be able to keep this one tight but they have no answer for Walter.

#19 UREA! (2-1) -7 vs Pinups (0-3): These teams are both in the same division, but UREA! has over 100 pins better average.  That’s a lot.  UREA! needs a win to get the taste of last week’s defeat out of their mouths.  The Pinups are patient enough that they will be fine waiting at least one more week for their first victory.

7 thoughts on “Late Lines

  1. Word on the street is that Bayside Bowl has lost all power. Could be a busy night for Invisible Hand carrying everyone’s ball back to the front, and manually setting the pins. Looks like time and a half for I.H. tonight……..

      1. Did you know 55% of people yawn within 5 minutes of seeing someone else yawn. Reading about yawning makes most people yawn.

        (Stop yawning!)

    1. You can extrapolate that line to just about all their remaining matches. Too deep to be fucked with. Did you know Danny is their 6th best bowler? You heard me.

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