12 thoughts on “Results

  1. Thursday is for drunks and losers. The real bowlers roll on TOOOOOOOOSSSSSDDDDDAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!

    1. Danny Diesel puts together an unbeatable team, and no one beats them. How is this interesting? Thursday keeps this league interesting.

      1. Untrue, Sons of Danarchy were beaten by Back in Black, who will defeat the last undefeated team in the league tomorrow.

        Thursday should call themselves Casco Bay League, or Bowl Portland Junior Varsity or something.

        A side note, a Thursday team has never won the league either.

        I move to abolish Thursday night. If you are with me say aye.

      2. When it comes to Thursday night the esteemed Dr. said it best, we are just looking to hang out, have a few laughs, drink a few beers, if we happen to win a few along the way so be it.

        Isn’t that what Bowl Portland used to be all about?

      3. My apologies, B.I.B., I did see that 7.5-7.5 win. Congratulations on beating them by no points. That actually was interesting!

        Apparently, S.O.D. is so unstoppable that they even won last year’s league, as Hungus has declared them probably “returning as champs” in last week’s power rankings. Also interesting!

      4. How they can be “returning champs” when they’re a brand new team. Tuesday is confusing!

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