Thursday Lines

I will be out of town Thursday through Monday so stats/results and such MAY be delayed.

Can Thursday find a win? I predict one….

Game of the Night

TU Back in Black (3-1) -5 vs TH TDYOB (4-0): Don’t look now but TDYOB is the last undefeated team in the league.  Well, even if you don’t look I’m sure you’ll hear about it from the Dr.  He better get his crowing in quick because they face an extremely tough task in getting to 5-0.  Will Thursday teams actually cheer for TDYOB?  I think so.  Back in Black doesn’t bring a lot of fans along but they bring a ton of talent.  Bama and Gutterboy are cruising, and Steve is ready for his breakout week.  I’m not sure how TDYOB keeps up, but they did step up when it mattered most last year, maybe they’ll rise up and keep it close.

Early Games

TU Binga’s (2-2) -9 vs TH Sweet Rolls (0-4): These guys seem to meet in the playoffs a lot, and Sweet Rolls puts a little scare in Binga’s each time before succumbing in the end.  I’m not sure they can put that scare in Binga’s this time.  The Rastabowlians are looking to rebound from a surprise loss last week and Jerk tries to recapture the average lead.

TU XXX Club (2-2) -5 vs TH B.U.I. (3-1): BUI will give Thursday a shot, but they do have a 40 pin deficit in average to make up for.  Snapshot has been on fire and Happy Feet Pete is currently in all-start position.  The Club picked up a huge win last week to even their record and needs to beat Thursday teams to keep pace in their division.  Tango and Roadhouse are locked in a battle with each other for the last automatic all-start spot on Tuesday.

Wrecking Balls (3-1) -5 vs Bad News Spares (0-3): The Wreck played their best game of the year and got their first loss.  They should rebound here against the Spares behind the rising youngster Dude Jr.  Nepotism alert!  The Spares are bowling better of late, and they may have an outside shot at this one, but it’s an uphill climb.

Lovernauts (2-2) -1 vs Happy Hands (1-2):   Two very evenly matched teams so this game should be a good one.  The Lovernauts are impressed with the ‘hands on boob’ shirts of the HHP squad, so they are plotting something to match it.  It’s always interesting to see what they wil come up with.

Late Games

Roll Another (3-1) -5 vs Guacabowle (2-1): Roll Another look like the beasts of Thursday B lording over the division with a nearly 60 pin better average than their closest opponent.  How will they deal with success?  Guacabowle has a two game win streak and has had a week off to get ready for this.  If they could pull the upset they could find themselves in first place.

Lesbowlians (0-3) -1 vs 5 O’Clocks (2-2): I know I picked the Lesbowlians to win last week and it didn’t pan out, but this time they’ve got a team with a lower average than them.  Plus they’re desperate.  The 5’Os are surprising 2-2, but said earlier in the season they only win two games a year, so we shall see what they do next.

TH Young & Bowled (2-2) -1 vs TU Strikes of Hazzard (0-3):  Could this be the Thursday breakthrough?  They have to win somewhere. Y&B has gotten a big lift from the return of Lou Dawg, and if they get Senator ITZ to show for this one they could take it down.  Strikes is desperate for a win and they need everything they can get against Thursday teams. They won’t go down easily.

TU Nutz (1-2) -7 vs TH Pinny Candy (0-3):  Bustah vs Skittles!  The Nutz are hanging around at 1-2 and should grab this win to even their record.  Pinny Candy is getting off to a slow start this year after starting 5-0 last year, but it’s still early.




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  1. Prediction:

    Back in Black 9, TDYOB 6

    Dr. Space Munson starts off hot, however, BamaBoy Strikes is just too much black in the end.

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