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For those who are interested….

This is the last week for all-star game qualifications.  After this week’s games, the top 10 guys and 7 girls by average from each night (minimum 7 games rolled) make the team.  Then the top 4 guys from each night who didn’t make the team, and have no teammates that made the team, will be listed in a poll on the webpage, and the top two vote-getters make the team.  For ladies, the top three that didn’t qualify and have no teammates who qualified will be up for getting voted in the same way.

The all-star game itself is Sunday, March 3rd at 2pm.  Each night will field 4 teams of five (3 guys 2 girls) for baker style play, and play each of the other night’s 4 teams twice.  There are a total of 32 points available in the all-star game.

Make sense?

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