A couple of quick things…we’re open at noon tomorrow if you want to be among the folks burning up the lanes for the late games.  Also, we’re bringing back the 50/50 raffle tonight, get your tickets from Micaela!  Oh, and around this time each year I wonder how many folks are reading this thing, so this year if you’re reading it just wink at Karl Hungus next time you see him.  Righteous.  Now, here we go….

Game of the Week

#2 B.E.E.R. (4-1) -1 vs #4 Binga’s (4-2): Sometimes I’m apologetic when B.E.E.R. is the game of the week but this time there’s no question.  As Jamaican Jerk said on Sunday “They don’t make rolling papers big enough for this game”.  This is a rematch of the 2010 finals, a battle between the current top 2 averages, a 6th year rivalry.  B.E.E.R. is coming off a bye after splitting with S.O.D. and Back in Black.  Binga’s is coming off a last frame win over L.O.S.  Binga’s dares you to keep up with their party, and generally those that take that particular challenge fall hard on the lanes.  B.E.E.R. will not back down from this challenge.  Everyone now knows General Tso has been back at the lanes this weekend.  The sword wielding maniac is primed to return soon, will it be tonight?  Meanwhile Binga’s killer Tom ‘Hacksaw’ Richards is flying back from rehab in Arizona, scheduled to arrive in Boston at 5pm.  Will he make it in time?  Will Filthy lock up his All-Star spot?  Cookie will be armed for bear going up against his 2 year Draft League captain.  Natro will get his first taste of this epic rivalry.  Chernobylayne and Slow Roll, fast friends as draft league teammates, now are in a brutal cage match for the last two all-star spots.  Can Hot Mango keep up his streak of 200’s?  Which of PB&Jenny or Queen Bee has a breakout game?  Hungus took a vision quest in the North Woods to prepare for his showdown with the Jerk.  The J.J. made a “300” pipe.  Minds will melt, worlds will change, time will stop – Binga’s v B.E.E.R.

Early Games

Three Livers (2-3) -1 vs No Eye Deer (3-2): For a while there N.E.D. was rocketing up the rankings.  Then Shifter moved to Philly to follow his lifelong dream of tugging, and things went South.  Three Livers has shown some flashes this year with newcomer Larry giving them a solid foundation.  This is good timing for them to catch N.E.D., and I think they bring both teams to .500

#12 Saucy Posse (4-1) -5 vs Splits Happen (2-3): The SauPo are flying high, bowling footloose and fancy free.  Hot Sauce and The Beard of Renown have started bowling their draft league numbers again to provide the surging Walter with the running mates he needs (though don’t forget about the solid newcomer Extra Sauce).  Splits have been gutty all season, picking up two tough wins and staying in matches.  They may have a tough time keeping pace in this one though.

#15 UREA!( 4-1) -3 vs ICBING (3-2): Peanut Gutter likes to think he can turn it on when he wants to.  I made it worse when I said the same thing about him last week.  Well I would think he would want to in this one, as his kamikaze pitcher buying crew have worked themselves back into the Thursday B conversation.  UREA! did just fine with T-$ and J-$ird out for the week, but this week they should have their full complement.  If so their depth overwhelms ICBING.

#3 Back in Black (4-1) -7 vs #10 Nutz (3-2): Back in Black is on a bit of a roll right now.  Bama keeps putting up lights out scores.  Stevie Strikes is back to openings with 9 or 10 straight in practices, and all three guys had at least a 250 last week.  Plus Gutterboy’s Mom has an all-star spot locked up.  The Nutz got a really impressive win last week behind Captain Herbie.  They’ve got nothing to lose here, but they’ll need the game of their careers to pull the upset.  Playing early is not their friend on this one.

Late Games

#1 Sons of Danarchy (4-1) -7 vs #16 Strikes of Hazzard (2-3): S.O.D. is coming off a bye week and hoping not to have lost momentum.  Strikes are coming off an upset of Off Constantly and definitely getting some momentum.  Everyone knows about S.O.D. team depth, but Deputy is essentially tied with The Dentist at the top of the matchups.  Danarchy should cruise through this one, but sometimes funny things happen when a guy on the other team rolls a couple 250’s.  (No pressure, Dep).

#8 Cunning Linguists (4-2) -3 vs #17 Off Constantly (1-4):  That’s not a line I would have predicted in December.  The Linguists are bowling well, and getting bulldozed by a rampaging BIB team last week doesn’t really take away from that.  O.C. thought they were back after a big win over GOB even prompting Dick to break out the letter jacket, but got tripped up by Strikes last week.  Now O.C. will get the best from the Linguists, and that might be too much.

D-GUTS (1-4) -1 vs Pinups (0-5): Well the records tell you it’s been a tough start for these two.  Both squads enjoy hanging out and are digging BoPo but sometimes a win is just what the doctor ordered.  One of these guys is getting  their prescription filled.

#18 Incredibowls (4-1) -3 vs My Balls (3-2):  The Incredibowls keep adding media leaguers and are tied for first in their division.  My Balls had a bounceback win last week to stay in the hunt.  The ‘Bowls need this one to stay in the lead pack, though, and they’ll find a way.  They definitely have the best record of any team that never has anyone at the lanes between games each week.





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