Thursday Lines

Last week to qualify for all-stars!  Players must have 7 games to qualify.

Game of the Week

Cape Fear (4-2) -1 vs BUI (4-2): A very evenly matched game between a couple teams on the cusp of competing for the Thursday A title.  Both teams have a couple all-stars pretty much locked in. (edited, thanks Snapshot, we almost repeated the Mittens Woodmore scandal of 2009). Snapshot should battle E-Minor and Hot Pocket, Hexy will need to continue her recent success and Happy Feet Pete need a big rebound week to pull this one off.  Here’s hoping for a bowloff (or at least a closer game than Tuesday’s Game of the Week).

Early Games

Lesbowlians (1-4) -5 vs Bad News Spares (0-5):  The records look close, but the Lesbowlians have a 100 pin lead in team average.  They should cruise to victory in a celebration of Tilt-A-Whirl’s all-star bid.

Yay! (4-1) -5 vs Sweet Rolls (0-6): This has been a long, weird season for the Sweet Rolls.  It looks like their losing streak will be extened at least one more week.  At least Frenchie from Sweet Rolls could sneak into the all-star game with a big night..  Yay! is looking to flex their muscles a bit (and groom their chest hair, since their flexing anyway).

Roll Another (3-2) -3 vs Bowlderdash (2-3):  Roll Another has had a week to recover from their momentum busting loss and look to get back on track.  Bowlderdash would love to get a winning streak going and get to .500.  As things currently stand both The Package and Michael Bowlton would be two of the four folks with a chance to get voted in tot he all-star game.  If so, this could be a good tie breaker.

Late Games

Clockwork Oranges (3-2) -3 vs 5 O’Clocks (2-3): An all-clock showdown.  The Oranges have been practicing a bit lately and have bigger goals for themselves than being .500 in Division B.  The 5 O’s might be a little more content with their win total as it is.  I wouldn’t be shocked if they pull the upset, but this looks like Clockwork’s game to lose.  Riggs really needs to get his game back together.

Guacabowle (4-1) -1 vs Happy Hands (4-2):  Both teams are coming off big wins last week, with Guacabowle’s double bowloff win the first in league history. (A note on that.  Going forward, if the first bowloff is a tie, teams need to use a different bowler for the 2nd bowloff).  That clutch win has Guac in first place.  Happy Hands could take that from them and move ahead if they pull off the win here.

Y&B (3-3) -5 vs I.B.S. (0-5):  Wut What and the Ram Bros. need to pull it all together to knock off their old rivals and pick up their first win as a Thursday team.  They should be motivated when they see Lou Dawg and Senator ITZ on the other side.  Speking of the Senator, he has a .3 lead in average for the final all-star spot, so should make for some exciting scoreboard watching.

Guns of Brighton (4-1) -7 vs Pinny Candy (0-5): Well it shouldn’t be too close of a game, but plenty of interesting stuff to watch.  BowlTron 3030 is just on the cusp of becoming GOB’s 4th all-star.  Mr Pickles can wrap up the top spot and be Thursday’s Captain. Most importantly, get well soon Skittles.


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  1. FYI, Pin Diesel is a guy. The girls on BUI are Hexy and Prancer. Also we are down the Duke tonight so that could mix things up. On the one hand he is one of our top bowlers, but on the other him being gone will allow us to have whoever is rolling hot for the night bowl three games

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