Hey Thursday, a few rule tips.  If you have a player from another team pick up with you, just write zeroes int heir score, and you only count your three actual bowlers’ scores.  I adjusted the scores for you this week.  I suppose more importantly, show up with a full team.

Happy Hands 10.5 Guacabowle 4.5

Cape Fear 7.5 BUI 7.5 (E-Minor over Snapshot in bowloff)

Yay! 15 Sweet Rolls 0

Bowlderdash 8 Roll Another 7

Lesbowlians 10 Bad News Spares 5

Y&B 12 I.B.S. 3

Guns of Brighton 15 Pinny Candy 0

Clockwork Oranges 12  5 O’Clocks 3


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