2 v 2 Info

Hey guys, if you have already played 7 games, do not play any more games unless you are playing a team that still needs to get to 7.

Here are the teams that need to do some work (you need to get these games in soon!):

Stevie Strikes/Pistol Pete 1-1

Precious/Double Cheese 2-1

Oz/Muffin Top 1-2

Diesel/Walter 2-2

Munson/Space Farmer 2-3

Peanut Gutter/Bustah 1-3

Joncowski/Pins Not Shins 1-4

Herk-a-Leez/Pauly Ringwald 1-5

Windiesel/Ralphie 0-3

Knuckles/Invisble Hand 0-4


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