Tuesday Lines

Well, the polls for Tuesday are closed, and we got a tie!  Nuber and Peanut got all-star spots, but Walter and Oz tied.  Not sure how to resolve that.  I’m hoping they can meet on Friday for a one game all-star bowl-in.  Will keep you posted.

Also announcing the Rookie Game on All-Star Sunday!  This will be a best of three baker style match before the all start game (rookie game is at 2pm).  Tuesday’s Lineup – Dwayne Luther, SOD; God of Thunder, Incred; Larry, Three Livers; Rappopotamus, UREA!; McStriker, SOD (also in all star game).  For Thursday I just need to find out if Cilantro is a girl.

Now the lines.  We’ve got 5 interleague matchups between Tuesday B and Thursday B.  Tuesday B is ahead 3-1.

Game of the Week

#14 Off Constantly (2-4) -1 vs #12 Nutz (3-3):  These teams aren’t at the top of the power rankings but this game is crucial for both of them.  The Nutz are still at .500 and put up a strong game in a loss vs BIB.  Off Constantly has won two of three but can’t afford many more hiccups.  Oz and Nuber just edged out Bustah in the all-star vote, but now he has a chance for the last laugh by getting to play them face to face.  I think this is going to be an exciting match with a lot on the line.

Early Games

T My Balls (3-3) -1 vs TH Wrecking Balls (5-1): A sibling rivalry gets a new life as the Wrecking Balls travel to Tuesday to battle Bubbles’ Balls.  The Rambling Wreck have managed to pull off a 5-1 record in spite of their average, and have been practicing a lot.  Dude Jr. has qualified for the Rookie Game and The Dude is working hard to keep his average ahead of his son’s.  My Balls has had a couple disappointing losses, including last week’s 4 pin bowloff loss, but are the favorites here and need this game a lot.

T Three Livers (3-3) -7 vs TH Bad News Spares (0-6):  The Spares make a trip to Tuesday and Three Livers is ready.  They should get to 4-3 and celebrate Larry’s inclusion in the All-Rookie game.  The Spares got their rocking jerseys in, and have a good chance to push their team average above the 400 plateau.

Living On A Spare (3-3) -3 vs Cunning Linguists (4-3):  Big game here, probably runner up for game of the week.  L.O.S. has had a week off to dwell on their last close loss, and are itching to get back on the lanes.  They are too good to be .500.  The Linguists probably wish they had a bye to recover from the last two weeks.  Gutterslut will need to repeat that 245 from last week and get some serious help from Pauly and La Gatita to give L.O.S. a run.

B.E.E.R. (5-1) -3 vs XXX Club (3-3): The Club is coming off a bye during an up and down season.  They do seem to focus best when playing highly ranked teams, so they’ll be ready tonight.  B.E.E.R. is coming off a stunning 15-0 win over Binga’s, but don’t look like they’ll look past this match after Tango’s bulletin board material.

Late Games

T Pinups (1-5) -1 vs TH 5 O’Clocks (2-4): The Pinups have Tuesday’s only interleague loss in either division but look to avenge that loss tonight, and in the process build a two game winning streak.  The 5 O’s were 2-2 but have lost two straight and last week couldn’t even field a team, so it will be interesting to see how they do traveling to enemy territory.

T Incredibowls (5-1) -3 vs TH Roll Another (3-3): The Incredibowls are flying high, moving to 5-1 as DC Lane’s 9 pin shot sailed just wide.  God of Thunder made the All-Rookie match and his team is tied for first.  They can’t afford any losses if they hope to keep up with SauPo.  Roll Another has lost a couple in a row and looked like a different team than they did for the first few weeks.  Maybe the visit to Tuesday will give them the spark they’ve needed.

TH Bowlderdash (3-3) -3 vs T D-GUTS (1-5): Here’s your best shot of the night, Thursday.  Bowlderdash rallied last week behind Lois Lanes’ last frame turkey to pull of an 8-7 comeback win.  Now Michael Bowlton was voted into the all-star game and this team has some confidence going.  D-GUTS does not have that confidence.  Old Thumper posted last week a picture of D-GUTS 2011 ‘Top Expansion Team’ award with a somber note, “feels like so long ago”.  Maybe defending their home turf can get them to rebound.

Sons of Danarchy (5-1) -3 vs Binga’s (4-3): This should be an interesting match.  S.O.D. probably got their wakeup call last week, escaping Strikes of Hazzard with Booth’s 137-135 win in game three.  Binga’s didn’t show up to bowl when they partied against BEER.  General Tso has now had some more time to get his groove back, and Jerk is pulling away as Top Dawg.  S.O.D. is doing it with depth, as evidenced by the fact that none of their guys made the all-star game and they still have the 2nd best team average in the league.  (Dwayne Luther will get to bowl with his teammate McStriker in the All-rookie game).  Both teams will bowl better than they did last week.  Jerk should get the top points,  but will he get enough help?




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