All-Star Festivities Explained

Lots of confusion out there so here’s your one stop source for answers.

2PM Rookie All-Stars Game: Best of three Baker style match, Tue vs Thu

Tues: God Of Thunder, Rappopotamus, Extra Sauce, Dirty Sylon, McStriker

Thur: The Duke, Pin Diesel, Saw, Hark, Hexy

2:30 All-Star Game

Each Tues team will play each Thu team twice in Baker-style matches.  Each team will have eight games.  The winner is the night whose teams get the most combined wins.  The All-Star MVP will be selected from the team with the most wins from the winning night.  If both nights tie with 16 wins each, a Baker-style bowloff will decide the winner, with the Captains from Tue (Jerk) and Thu (Pickles) choosing any three guys and two girls from their night that they want.

Tuesday Teams:

A: Jamaican Jerk, Karl Hungus, Gutterboi, Vally Gurl Jess, Knuckles

B: Deputy, Filthy McNasty, #1, Slow Roll, Chernobylayne

C: Double Cheese, Natro, Tango, McStriker, Peanut

D: Bama, Stevie Strikes, Walter, La Gatita, Miz Tizdale

Thursday Teams:

E: E-Minor, Yao Romo, Bowltron 3030, Ralphie, Hootie

F: Pistol Pete, Probie, Snapshot, Tilt-A-Whirl, Rufio!

G: Mr. Pickles, Dr. Thunder, Jewdy, Mona Laudley, SeaTown

H: Bombpop, Roy Munson, Invisible Hand, Hexy, Gutterboy’s Mom**

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