All-Star Results

Awesome time!

Tuesday took it down 21-11, making Tuesday 2-0 all-time in All-star games (Tuesday won 17-15 in 2011)

However, the Thursday Rookies beat Tuesday Rookies 2-0, so there’s hope on the horizon.

All-star game MVP was Knuckles, from UREA!

Team records:

T:Jerk/Hungus/G-Boy/VG Jess/Knuckles 7-1

T:Deputy/Nuber/Filthy/Slow Roll/Chernobes 6-2

T:Natro/Double Cheese/Tango/McStriker/Peanut 6-2

TH:E-Minor/Bowltron3030/Yao Romo/Ralphie/Hootie 4-4

TH:Pickles/Thunder/Jewdy/Sea Town/Mona Laudley 3-5

TH:Bombpop/Munson/Inv.Hand/Hexy/GBoy’s Mom 3-5

T: Bama/Stevie Strikes/Walter/La Gatita/Miz Tizdale 2-6

TH: Pistol Pete/Probie/Snapshot/Tilt-A-Whirl/Rufio! 1-7


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