La-La-La Lines

Game of the Week

#3 Back in Black (6-1) -5 vs #10 Turkey Club (3-4): The Club put up a strong fight without their Captain last week taking a 5-5 tie to game three against B.E.E.R.  This week they get Roadhouse back but the schedule doesn’t get any easier.  Back in Black had a bye week last week but had been the hottest team in the league before that.  They hope it carries forward.  They generally favor early games, so XXX Club does have that advantage. They’ll hope for sloppy lanes and a party atmosphere to help them in their upset attempt.

Early Games

#4 L.O.S. (4-3) -5 vs #18 Strikes of Hazzard (2-5): Mr. Stiffy will hate me mentioning this, but Precious is out of town this week.  Thanks to Stiffy’s under the radar excellent season the LOS crew have the talent to win this one.  Coco also showed signs of breaking out last week.  The Strikes have enough talent to upset the top teams, including all-stars Deputy and Miz Tizdale.  They’ll need a monster night from Uncle Jesse, and he’ll be motivated in this showdown between real estate Captains.

#8 Saucy Posse (6-1) -3 vs My Balls (4-3):  Saucy Posse is in uncharted territory right now sliding all the way up to the #8 spot.  Walter and Hot Sauce have been cruising, and Extra Sauce has been the rookie spark, while N Sauce has starting providing a solid 4th.  My Balls are no pushovers, however.  They lost one game in a bowloff and one after a 7-3 lead, so they are just a hair away from their own 6-1 record.  Bubbles needs to have her breakout night.  The rest of the B Division is cheering for My Balls to slow the Posse juggernaut.

Three Livers (4-3) -3 vs Pinups (2-5): The Pinups looked lost at sea just a couple of weeks ago with no wins and little hope.  Now they’ve won two in a row and have some momentum.  They now take on a Three Livers team that is quietly having a nice season.  Rookie Larry continues to put up strong scores, and Bernie and Wilma provide the veteran leadership.

I.C.B.I.N.G. (4-3) -1 vs No Eye Deer (4-3): Yet another Shifter-less week for NED, who have now come to grips with the idea they just have to learn to win without him.  They put up big scores in a crossover win last week and now face a tough division game.  ICBING lost last week without Peanut Gutter, and he’s probably at the flower show tonight too.  That leaves Fabio who blew up last week with a 190 average.  He could be the difference maker in this close one.

Late Games

#14 UREA! (5-2) -5 vs D-GUTS (2-5): UREA!’s Knuckles is coming off her All-Star MVP performance and looks to keep UREA’s strong season rolling.  They need every win they can get to keep pace with the streaking Posse.  D-GUTS got a much needed win in crossover week but now need to step up to battle a division leader.  Old Thumper is showing signs of a breakout week, but the team could really use a 200 from Cap’n Collection to inspire them.

Incredibowls (5-2) -3 vs Splits Happen (3-4):  The Incredibowls took a surprise loss last week and need to get back on the winning track soon to keep up in the division race.  God of Thunder had a strong debut int he Rookie Game.  Sweet Baby Lou is due for a big night.  The Splits keep defying the odds and have battled to a 3-4 record.  They’ve kept games close so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say they can do it again.

#1 Sons of Danarchy (6-1) -5 vs #13 Nutz (3-4):  SOD has the potential to be completely dominant, as evidenced by their slaughters of BEER and Binga’s.  They also have the ability to play down, as evidenced by their razor thin win over Strikes of Hazzard.  They’ll need to stay focused to avoid the upset from Nutz.  Nutz have shown flashes of excellent bowling and have the ability to pull off some upsets.  Bustah, Herbie and Peanut will all need to be in top form to make this one exciting.

#2 B.E.E.R. (6-1) -3 vs # 11 Off Constantly (3-4): Throw the records out for this one.  OC has a 4-2 lead in the series including an 8-7 championship win in 2011.  B.E.E.R. has had the upper hand for the last couple regular season matches.  This is the first time Natro has been int his battle, and the first time it has happened without Cheddar.  Nuber has been having a very strong season, but he will need a return to from from Oz and an appearance from ‘good Dick’.  That Dick Liquor can come in and average 200 and change the game.  B.E.E.R. pretty much knows what they’ll get at the top of the order, so tonight will come down to Filthy and the Ladies for them.



5 thoughts on “La-La-La Lines

  1. Wow, direct call out for a follow up post, missed you too Hungus (*wink*wink*).
    I have no problem mentioning Precious being gone, call it like it is. To be honest I’m surprised we’re favored by 5 in his absence. SoH are no joke.
    Plus 2x gets lonely when Precious is gone for too long.
    Back to work, F my life.
    Oh yeah, stay hard.

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