Results (Thursday Breaks Through)

TH – GOB (7-2) 7.5 TU-Body English (7-2) 7.5 (Pickles over Hungus 215-197)

TH-TDYOB (5-4) 12 TU-XXX Club (3-6) 3

TU-Linguists (5-4) 15 TH-Pinny Candy (1-8) 0

TU-Danarchy (8-1) 10 TH-Y&B (5-4) 5

TU-Off Constantly (4-5) 12 TH-YAY! (7-) 3


Wrecking Balls (6-3) 10 Lovernauts (3-6) 5

Happy Hands (7-2) 12 Lesbowlians (2-7) 3

Clockwork (6-3) 13 Bowlderdash (3-6) 2

Guacabowle (6-3) 15 Bad News Spares (0-9) 0

Roll Another (5-4) 14 Five O’Clocks (3-6) 1


4 thoughts on “Results (Thursday Breaks Through)

    1. Much closer than score indicates, we jumped on them big game one, but game two and three we top them by 16 and 9 points respectively. So we have now gotten that 1 win the rest of the way that Tango predicted, hoping to make it two on Thursday.

      Gotta admit I am a XXX Club lover, I know I have been painted and painted myself in the past as a hater, but that team is a blast to play against win or lose. Series now knotted at one, hopefully we can get it going again in the playoffs.

      Roll Bork!

      1. 1 time I’ll agree with the Dr. They too are a blast to play against. Good match, they brought it. Match MVP was definitely Spooky, she was clutch.

      2. ‘Sniff’, the two if you have matured so much in so little time, right before our eyes. Suprisingly, I’m kinda upset! I liked the grown-down, immature, garbage smack spewing morons. IMHO. It sells because its entertaining and just makes sense. Oh well, “God created men, but they chose each other.”

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