Snow Abbreviated Lines

More snow.  Short lines.

Game of the Week

Early #2 Back in Black (8-1) -1 vs #4 Still L.O.S. (6-3):  Great game between two top title contenders.  L.O.S. is one of the only teams that can match BIB’s big three, and Coco and Ali-Lujah can match up well with Gutterboy’s Mom and T-Square.  Stevie Strikes should bowl huge as he still hoped to reach top dawg, and I’ll pick his team in an incredibly close, well bowled match.

Early Games

#3 BEER (7-2) -5 vs #14 Nutz (4-5):  Which team will Cheddar pick up with, if either?  Probably just coming in for game 3 for BEER if the match is secured, unless Nutz makes an offer.

#11 UREA! (7-2) -5 vs Three Livers (5-4): UREA! best player T-$ finally got hot last week.  Look out, as this team was cruising even with him in a slump.  Three Livers will be game, but UREA! looks too strong.

#10 Cunning Linguists (5-4) -3 vs #20 Hazzard (3-6):  Hazzard is running out of time to stay in Tuesday A for next year (assuming they want to).  They could be moving to Thursday.  The Linguists aren’t worried about that, they are just trying to wrap up a top 6 finish.

My Balls (4-5) -1 vs Pinups (2-7): The Pinups are locked into the Sunday Shootout, but may get a default win here as My Balls may be hesitant to drive 60 miles each way in a blizzard.

Late Games

#1 S.O.D. (8-1) -7 vs #19 XXX Club (3-6):  SOD got a little scare from Y&B last week, so probably will come out swinging against The Club.  The Club is in a battle with Hazzard to stay in Tuesday A, but this doesn’t look like the game they’ll win.

#5 OC (4-5) -1 vs #9 Binga’s (5-4):  A great old school matchup.  I may have put OC too high in the rankings but Oz finally bowled like Oz, so they look dangerous again given what Nuber’s been doing all year.  Jamaican Jerk is holding on to the Top Dawg lead but he’d gladly trade a few points in average for a win over one of his squad’s top rivals.

TH – Wrecking Balls (6-3) -1 vs TU – D-GUTS (3-6): Different targets for these teams.  The Wrecking Balls need a win to stay close for the Thursday B lead.  The D-GUTS need a win or they’ll be locked in to the Sunday Shootout.

TU – Incredibowls (7-2) -11 vs TH – Bad News Spares (0-9):  The Incredibowls will pick up a win and meet a lot of new people as The Spares field BoPo’s largest roster by far.

TU -ICBING (5-4) -5 vs TH – Lovernauts (3-6):  Looks like a mismatch on the lanes, but these teams are well suited for each other.  They both sport a lot of wigs, and the Lovernauts will enjoy ICBING’s massive amounts of shots.

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  1. Christ buddy, been gettin’ a piss quiver and the ol ballon knot pucker anxious for last nights lickin’. And look out for them ky-oats, they’ll gitchya!

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