One time-correction

I have to reveal a couple 1st round matchups with this, but

Yay vs 5 O’Clocks playoff match is now Thursday LATE

Cape Fear vs play-in winner playoff match is now Thursday EARLY


And one clarification on Sunday Shootout matchups – you only have to win one match and you are in the tourney.  You don’t play multiple rounds on Sunday like last year.


One thought on “One time-correction

  1. Here’s the deal. I’m a huge fantasy geek, and now it is baseball season, the mother of them all. The amount of time I devote to running my fantasy team is epic. I’m like a real GM and shit, I sleep in the computer room at my house, keep hitting refresh on all the fantasy “experts” sites (this is how I am going to become more famous than I already am-if you can imagine that), up until 3 a.m. back up at 6 a.m. Kill a run, hit the weights, work for about 6-7 hours, bowl, have a beer, kill some pins, you know the deal all that time and money wasted on a 177.1 average, by the way shit bowler watcher up your stats kid!!!!!!!

    I digress, I like fantasy sports because I LOVE WINNING!!!!!!!! Fucking love it, straight up, would leave my wife and kids to win at everything I do for the rest of my life!!!! Just kidding, love you honey. Yeah it’s playoff time now mother fuckers!!!!!!

    Playoffs, you fucking kidding me?????

    4 gutter balls, 3 1 pin spare misses, two splits and 5 srikes, we’ve gone under 600 3 times, that’s pitiful, absolutely pitiful, playoffs, don’t talk to me about playoffs I just hope we can win a game, another game.


    Roll Bork!!!!

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